How I’ve felt and how this has helped me

Hey I just wanna say you are amazing and really help me out a lot because I’m 16 and have high functioning autism depression and anxiety and have always been made fun of for it and people tell me I’m ugly af and weird and I’m so ugly I should just kill my self but every time for I come on here it helps me so much so thank you so much you are amazing

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Hi there,

Glad to hear this community helps. If you want, you should join the Discord, it’s like this forum but a real time chat

Keep on going on :slight_smile:

Skylar, dude, so stoked to hear this! I’m really happy that you feel you belong here – because you do – and like your life matters – because it does. Happy you’re here, happy you’re believing the truth about yourself in spite of what other people tell you, because the truth is you matter, you are loved, and you belong. Hold fast friend!

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Hey @Skylarthompson! I’m so glad to hear that you’ve found a sense of safety and refuge within this amazing community. Speak words of life and affirmation over yourself to combat the lies that are being thrown at you. You’ll learn to believe whatever you tell yourself, whether it be truths or lies. Stay strong! We’re rooting for you. :slight_smile: