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I feel like no one understands how hard I work and they take advantage that I always help them. I feel like I’m always out last and not cared about, I’m always doing something for someone every day and they always say I’m wrong when I bring up a topic and they just want to argue about it. I’m not sure if where I’m living is a stable environment but idk what to do. Really need to see a therapist.


Hi lost! I responded to your post as part of HeartSupport Houston’s live support wall here.


Thanks for the video I listened to it on the way into work this morning.


Hey @lost,

Thank you so much for sharing these parts of your life and what you’re going through lately. Your presence is valued and your voice is heard.

It is incredibly disheartening to feel this massive difference between what you are ready to give to the people you love and the fact that, on their end, they don’t seem to be ready to give you the space you need as well. I relate so much to what you describe through the dynamics of my blood family. Somehow, I was pushed at a young age to be the one who’d be there for everyone, but my voice was dismissed whenever I’d use it for myself. There was no space for me, whether it was my needs or just stating a simple opinion about something. It has felt like losing myself for so many years, to the point of not knowing who I am really.

It’s tough because love is still there, but somehow you are aware that something is wrong in the way the communication is happening with your loved ones. And indeed: you deserve to have a voice too. You deserve to take up space, to be you, to express your needs and have people in your life who would listen to it, not dismiss it.

Although sometimes people are not aware of how they behave, they also need our help to understand what’s unhealthy, and why it is. Do you feel like you’d have the possibility to express how you feel to them and have an honest conversation about all of this? It sounds that the environment makes conversations difficult, but maybe writing to them could help? It’s really an open question though, as I don’t know who are the people you mention and how strong or not are your relations with them.

In any case, please know that your efforts are seen here. It is amazing to care the way you do. You are not alone and your existence is incredibly valuable. The people around you may not see it right now, but we see YOU right here. :hrtlegolove:

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I think I can have a conversation about how I feel I will keep you updated on how it went


hey there @lost ,
Thank you for taking time to respond to this post !

I may not have the right words for this but have you tired explaining this to them i feel like communication is key to say you do your best when you work , but when it comes to when they take advantage of you , you got to put your foot down when you have had enough of it .

just so you know we care about you friend and we will aalways will.

take care of your self . You are important

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