How long it been since feen rested

I just want quality sleep so i set myself up for success during the day, but even that seems impossible these recents days…months…years. How much of my grey hair has come from not healing, or getting blood and oxygen throughout me. I don’t know how to relax & be at peace anymore. Why do i fight life instead of enjoying it, it’s difficult for me.

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Feeling rested can be really hard when we feel anxious or depressed or maybe have some other stressors going on in life. Have you tried meditating before you go to bed? Just setting aside some time to breathe and just focus on yourself for a bit. I know it’s not that easy to relax when life gets hard, but it’s just a suggestion. Do you think there is something going on in your life that makes it hard to rest?

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What can this community and I do to help you?

I’m sorry you’re struggling to find rest and peace.

Please remember that the topic of this, “It will never get better,” is a lie, though it may feel that way. Meditation is a good suggestion. Though it is difficult to get in the habit of doing in the chaos of life, it can be really helpful. Any habit you can get into to rest and take care of yourself would be immensely helpful.

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to help

healing from anything, having good thoughts or feelings and just talking/facing problems i’ve avoided for years. I need a holiday from myself. @IAmCassie no meditate, can you let me know how you accomplish that? @AVJR I’m not sure what i was asking for, maybe i should have just wrote these thoughts on paper and let them go. @zleif yes, it is lie. just feel like i need an actual angel to help me at this point

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Sometimes therapists can seem like actual angels. Have you considered counseling?

@zleif yeah, i’ve tried in recent years again…but maybe i didn’t give it enough of a chance. thanks for everyones replys, bye

Maybe it’s worth another shot. I think if you find someone who meshes well with you it could help a lot.

You’re not alone. If it’s not okay it’s not the end, and I’m confident you’ll overcome this.