How not to lose faith in anything good in human beings?

Yesterday I lost a person who I thought was a good friend and it just hurts so bad. I did not really expect this.
This person used to be my ex and we stayed really good friends until her new girlfriend showed up (We are gay) and started to brainwash her that she can not be friends with me anymore just because people can not just be friends with their exes and she simply feels insecure when I am around.
Yesterday her new girlfriend messaged me and started to press charges about my exes daughter having psychological problems because an accident what happened quite a time ago while playing with my daughter and witch was not actually such a big deal (My daughter put a fabric on her head so she would look like a bride and she panicked) and took only few seconds. Besides, I think her daughter have these issues because of break up (first week she went looking for me at night in my room and was screaming and crying), not because of this and they just want money from me, because they are in a bad financial situation (My ex and her current girlfriend are both in maternity leave and do not work, when we were together, I was the one supporting family financially). Not long ago I gave them money just because I saw they have nothing to eat and thought, we were good friends and friends help each other.
And suddenly I am the bad one and she does not want to be friends with me anymore. So bad that she does not want to talk to me in m person, just through her current girlfriend
Besides, when we broke up, we made a deal that she would pay monthly payments for all the electronics that are on my name in her apartment. Now suddenly I have to pay all of it as a moral compensation (What the hell?!).
I am really pissed, heartbroken and just feel used. Because apparently I valued her and her friendship more than she did mine if she can just change that way in a heartbeat and throw our friendship and everything we have done together in a garbage just because of some girl she knows for two moths.

In a way I should be glad for such a person leaving my life, but it hurts badly anyway. Besides, how to trust people again and not to become a heartless asshole? It is not a first time someone has betrayed me and to defend myself, I should become like that, but this is not just who I am. I mean, if we stop to belive in a good in people, then what else is left…

I’m really sorry to hear about all this but it’s great that your sharing it, talking can be helpful. I wish I had some amazing advice but I don’t, breakups in general are tough and situations like this are extremely tough. It seems like in life personal relationships are the hardest things in life and the best. I’m glad to hear you say that being like them is “is not just who I am”. It’s hard when people hurt us with there negative actions/behavior but not being like them is what makes you a good person and a path to keep striving to be on. This may not help but you sound like a great person, so if your 1 great person in the world there are others like you, and those are people that will be great to bring into your personal circle.


Hi blacksheep

I know that same feeling, it bummmer to have someone do that to you. I am also struggling to trust people and being used by them. It hard to be friends with someone while they fall in love with someone else. Last year, I did have a couple of friends ( it was not romantic, it more co workers) that I was in middle of fuck shit and I just snap at my job. One guy that was my good friend was pathological lair and made lose alot friendship. It hard to know when someone is telling the truth sometimes. I had many people that I though were my good friends, but end using me, whatever for rides, cash or even band stuff. Even good friends will try manipulate, me to think differents. I do sometime people are kinda trying to mind fuck into doing what they want. Even my own parents and family member try to that me. Its suck, Im like you, I want to trust and trust there words. But however it suck when you dont know that truth. But, no matter how defends and how walls you put around you. Something will break them, so in that case you take leap of fatih, by trust people. It may be hurt or even get betryal, but you let go and put yourself out. Because losing hope in people will put you in a dark place. There are people that good and that do love you. Hold fast!

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