How’s everyone?

Hey guys! Things have been rough for me lately. Ive been really sad the past few weeks and just not doing well all the way around. Past couple of days things have been better! yesterday I took a much needed mental health day and stayed outside all day n painted while I listened to music. Now im outside enjoying some coffee. Little things like getting off your phone and doing something you enjoy truly makes all the difference in the world. im feeling so much better. (Atm at least) i really love nature, its so peaceful and its like the quiet atmosphere puts a veil between you and the rest of the world and all the bad going on. How’s everyone else doing ? What are some things yall really enjoy or are grateful for right now ?


Man, it has been a rough few weeks for me as well. To sum up this week, thought I had covid, work gave me the wrong info at the start of the week to get time off, got test and came back negative, thought I was going to lose my job because the paper work wasn’t getting done, went to work at the end of this week to talk things out and now its all good. What I wished I did what you did, to get away from technology and just spend time outside. I’m not for nature, but i do find peace when i go for walks. Since everything has been figured out, my weekend has been going pretty smooth, which is nice :slightly_smiling_face:.


man sounds stressful! Glad you don’t have Covid and things are going smoother for you now.

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Hey @cs15,

It’s very kind of you to check in on everyone! It sounds that your week has been marked both by sadness and peace. Overall, kind of a “life preview”, isn’t it? I’m so glad you decided to take a mental health day. It sounds that you’re really good at acknowledging your limits, and that’s very powerful. So glad as well to hear how much nature and creativity help you to recharge. I wholeheartedly relate to these feelings you described. Nature itself is so inspiring, and creativity allows this space where we can just be ourselves, without any judgment. It’s so precious to cultivate these moments in our life. I’m glad you managed to create such a level of connection within yourself, friend. It’s brilliant. Especially since it’s not that easy to embrace these moments and spaces of fragile vulnerability.

On my end it’s been a tough week so far. It’s been impacted by grief, which itself brings me back to older times of grief. I’ve been thinking a lot about people I’ve lost through the years, which of course brought its share of tears. It’s both comforting - feeling some kind of connection and presence with these people - yet it’s also tainted by a deep sorrow and emptiness. It hurts to grieve what can’t be anymore. So many projects, ideas, perspectives that are gone now, and a part of my own hope with it, just because some people are not around anymore. I try my best to be grateful for what is, for the beauty I still carry from these people, to embrace the gift and blessing that it was to know them. But for now it’s just too hard and the pill is still hard to swallow. This week is made of mourning to me, another wave of grief but still with some sparks of gratitude. Hopefully, things will feel a little brighter again. After all, the sun keeps rising up every day. :hrtlegolove:

In case you didn’t hear it yet this week: your presence is a blessing. Thank you for being here, and thank you for being you. :hrtlegolove:


Thanks for checking in @cs15 . I’m better this week than I have been in a couple months. I took a mental health day last week too, and did a ton of sleeping this weekend. I’m taking on interesting new challenges at work, and waiting patiently to hear back from a recruiter about a big opportunity with my old company. My wife’s dad and sister are coming in town for the weekend, so we’re all looking forward to spending quality time together. I’ve emotionally re-energized enough to contribute to this forum a little more. That’s me!