How to be supportive to a pen pal

Hey guys! one of the things I love to do is pen pal! My very first pen pal has been struggling, and I just now got her letter after quite a while. I want to be supportive of her, so I’ll lay out a few things that happened.

  • she attempted to commit suicide, so she was in the hospital for a bit
  • she started doing drugs (I think she started recovering and it may have been in relation to her hospital stay too)

it all relates to her and her boyfriend breaking up. I know she has been working with her dad recently.

I just… want her to know I care about her, you know? but not seem like i’m judging her too


Hey @sakurasangel!

Thanks for sharing this here! It sounds like she has a really supportive and caring pen pal and friend through you! When those we care about are struggling it can be hard to know how to support them at times. I think honesty is important and sharing your concerns about her safety and health is caring, not judgmental.
Since you are pen pals and it may take a while to hear from each other I think being someone she can talk to about what is going on in her life and what she’s struggling with could end up opening doors to her seeking recovery and/or counseling (if she isn’t already). Those can be really scary and intimidating first steps so just letting her know you support her recovery can be a huge help in that process!

Hannah Rhodes

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Hey Sakura!




Thank you so much for not only replying but MAKING A VIDEO?! I will definitely make sure I just say that I support her and asking her how I can help her is a great idea.

I will do my best to see you Monday (because geesh, work) but at least by Tuesday. Thank you so so much :hrtlegolove:

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