How to deal with loneliness

From erjohn25: Hi it’s been 2 months since me and my ex girlfriend broke up, and there are many times I feel lonely I know I already moved on and let her go but sometimes It’s just really feel lonely like right now. How to deal with this emptiness, Before I met her I’m used to this I don’t feel lonely or anything I’m okay but after I met her there are tendency’s this happens. How to deal with this?

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From breecarey2022: Take a deep breath=======

From breecarey2022: And let urself heal======

From breecarey2022: And when ur ready put urself back out there

From xd_star: Be around friends and focus on yourself a diary helps to

From erjohn25: Dang right now===========

From erjohn25: It’s 3:15am it feels super lonely.

From erjohn25: It’s so cold and lonely==

From erjohn25: Before I met her I didn’t get bothered by this but right now

From erjohn25: Man======================

From erjohn25: Idk why do I feel like this

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