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How to deal with people in your life that don't support what you do?


For the past month or so I’ve been picking up streaming due to having more free time, being done with the workforce and the current situation with COVID-19.
I’ve been streaming every single Monday to Friday for a minimum of six hours and a maximum of 9 hours and my streams have been growing massively to the point where I actually enjoy coming on every day even though I’m not a morning person in the slightest (7.30 AM CET)

I’ve been trying to get my parents to understand that streaming is something I can do more with, and that eventual great success is definitely possible given the fact that I need to keep putting time, effort and love into it.

How do you deal with parents that expect you to find a job because in truth it benefits them more given the current situation, when the only jobs I can apply for are ones that are going to just make me extremely unhappy and exhausted? I want to turn streaming into something bigger, and I’ve been trying to get my mother to be involved and understand why I do it, and she’s starting to… However, every time I go to them to talk about my streams, the first question that comes in their mind is “How much money did you make today?”.

I don’t want to make the streams about money, they don’t seem to understand that this needs to be built up over time. Fame and wealth doesn’t come in seconds. They have the mindset that if it doesn’t happen right now, it’s going to take too long and I need to find a solution (find a job and get a steady salary), and because of that, streaming is and has to stay a side-activity/hobby according to them.

They don’t seem to understand what makes me happy and just want me to make money by working a standard 9 to 5 job that makes me miserable.
I don’t have the income to live on my own at the moment, and with all the money to expect me to give them and they keep lending as well… I…

I just don’t know what to do. I don’t really like opening up in public like this, which is why I’m low key hiding my actual username.


From: hyrulegaminggroup

Keep on keeping on! You are doing great.

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From: ladytapioca

I’m sorry you family doesn’t believe in you and what you do. Maybe show them the Heartsupport streams, show them that you can be apart of that. You can make a difference and it makes you happy, if you don’t think they’ll support you than that’s okay. Keep your goals in mind and we our community will support you! Hold fast friend.


From: legendofdice

You are doing the right thing. Keep streaming! Pour your soul into it and your parents will take notice when there’s something solid to see. A lot of parents push their kids to the “safe bet.” Follow your heart.


From: hyrulegigi

Follow your heart, do what you love, your parents will see your passion and commitment and will eventually respect that


Just remember friend, that you can set long terms goals to acquire what you are looking to achieve. I know the short term doesn’t seem too good, but if you have the right mental attitude, and take the time to plan and set goals towards what you are looking to accomplish, I’m confident you will find a way!