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How To Deal With People


I would like to consider myself to be a level headed person when it comes to everything in life, but there’s a certain person that I just don’t understand.

I’ve seen them purposefully be petty in attempts to hurt me, to try to slander me, or to intentionally just make sure I’m outted, and well I’m over it. But I feel like I have to be the adult in the situation and keep my cool because they lose it easily and I just don’t get it.

How do you keep your cool with people who are intentionally trying to out you or hurt you? (Btw talking to this person isn’t an option, because they don’t see what they are doing as an issue)



Can you ignore and stay away from this Individual?


I would ideally not be able to do this. If I did this then I would have to lose other people because we are all a part of one group.



I see. Can you reason with this person?


I have tried time and time and time again. It seems to work for a week and then everything goes to crap again. I have no interest in having a friendship with this person I just need things to be civil.



Absolutely. Your kindness is not weakness. You have the right to stand up for yourself, and not let no one walk over you.