How to enjoy my vacation

Howdy folks,

I am going on vacation to St Louis, Missouri, for a Halloween Haunt trade show for the rest of this week. I am excited to a degree, but I am not as excited as I feel I should be. I do not feel like I am as giddy as I should be.

How do I make sure that I enjoy my time there instead of feeling miserable or regretting my decision to take the trip? I never get out of the house for myself, plus this show will provide me with important connections for my future career. Even if I didn’t want to go, I need to go because of those things.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this stuff. I have an appreciation for the art side of everything. I just feel like I’m worried about not enjoying my time.

So, basically, what’s the best way to make sure that I stay focused on my vacation and enjoy it? Any tips are helpful. I head out tomorrow and the show is Thursday.

Thanks y’all



There’s no way to be sure about it, but you can be sure you’d regret not going, and that regret will make you miserable for a much longer time.

You know what you like, so why worry about not liking it. Some parts of the experience might be disappointing, but I’m pretty sure you know how to make the best of things, and make unexpected circumstances work for you.

Keep your mind focused on the present moment, and what you can do with it.

If you’ve been stuck at home for a long time, being anxious about the trip is very understandable. I have a hard time adjusting to the idea of traveling, since I’ve been home for so long. I usually end up being glad I went somewhere anyway.


All I can say, is think that you’re going just for fun! Try not to think about the fact it’s for future connections for careers, think of it as just a nice trip to get out and into the open! It may be difficult to fully enjoy it, but at least you’ll go and you are somewhat excited to be going! Just, think of why you’re excited, focus on the art side, focus on the fun, not the serious stuff and anything you remember, it’ll still be helpful!

I realized it’s easier to remember the fun part of things rather than the things that you’re supposed to remember and pay attention to. If you try focusing on the fun side, you’ll remember more and want to talk more about it and experience it again!

I don’t know if this’ll help at all, but it’s the least I could do :slight_smile:

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From: E Man

Well first of all you can think like you are doing it for yourself. That could make it fun! Also when on vacation, I don’t recommend about worrying about career stuff. Yeah I know it is important but vacations are here for us to relax and get more energy to do stuff in my opinion.


From: basicmitch818

Hey again HMM! There is something that an old therapist told me…Stop shoulding on yourself. There is no such thing as things you SHOULD feel. My advice is to just try to have an open mind! If you aren’t feeling it, that’s totally fine but if you are enjoying it, feel that feeling! The point is to just feel your feelings and really be in the moment. I hope you enjoy your time and feel free to drop another post if you need support <:LegoLove:387371584857571328>

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From: Dark Weeb 666 (Matt)

Hi @Halloween Mask Maker.I would say dont try to force it ok. Just let things happen in the moment. Dont worry about enjoying it. You will enjoy it if you feel like it. Maybe you wount enjoy all of it but thats ok to. Just try to go there with an open mind. I hope it will be a pleasant experience for you and that you will enjoy it as much as you can but if some moments are not that good, thats ok too :slightly_smiling_face: .

@HalloweenMaskMaker - It sounds like a great opportunity to get out and to make connections for you this week. It can be hard to manage expectations for trips like this can’t it? Perhaps if you think more about just being present in each moment of this trip and experiencing each part of it for what it is you can enjoy it more.

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