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How to get enough strength to get better and be patient?

Hello all. It has been some time since I’ve been here, hope you are all well.

Recently I’ve been feeling sad, but I have also (slightly) accepted that I am better than who I was in my past, I am strong, I can be strong, and I will be happy one day. This is huge progress for me, as I usually dwell in my sadness, fear, and feed on it…

However, I am still terrified because I don’t know when “happy” or “good days” will be coming, and I don’t know if I have the strength to keep going and be positive, because these better days feel so, so far, even though I am making progress.

How do I find the strength or acceptance to be patient and know that better days are/will come, and this cannot last forever?

Thank you.

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Hey there,

I responded to your topic on my live stream. Hold Fast


Hey @GuitarSeal!

It’s really an interesting question.

So, what follows is just my point of view, but perhaps we can think about your question in an other way. What if it was less about having enough strengths to be patient and more about the way you may be defining happiness for yourself? And what if this position of waiting for brighter days was reducing your ability to perceive the positive in present days?

Just to be clear, your question is entirely legitimate and by saying that I don’t try to minimize what you’re living or the difficulties you’re experiencing right now. Not at all. I only suggest that, sometimes, it can be interesting to question our own representations so we can see think about our situation with a different perspective.

I don’t know if you enjoy reading, but maybe “The Wisdom of Insecurity” by Alan Watts could be an interesting book for you. I retrieved two quotes from it that I had written for myself at the time (sorry if the translation isn’t perfectly right):

  • “The power of memories and prediction is such that for most human beings, the past and the future are not as real, but more real than the present. The present can’t be happy unless the past has been “cleansed” and the future is full of promise.”

  • “If my happiness at this moment is essentially to give me good memories and make good forecasts, I have only weak awareness of this present. I will still be imperfectly aware of the present when the good things I had expected will be over. Because I will have the habit of looking back and forth, it will become difficult for me to pay attention to here and now.”

Just found that, somehow, this was resonating with your message.

I’m sorry if this isn’t directly helpful for you or enough concrete regarding the question you asked. These are just some thoughts I had while reading your message. :wink:

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Thank you guys both for the responses/support, it really means a lot.

And thank you very much MicrosmosK, those quotes are honestly really what I needed to hear right now, especially the first one. It really put into perspective how I life my life exactly like that - the present can’t be good unless the past was, and the future holds my exact hopes. I never really realized I lived like that until I read those two quotes.

Thank you very much. I will absolutely remember them.

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