How to I deal with this?

I have been through alot in life. Worked at 2 different jobs for along period of time with some of the most alpha of people. People that are out to get everybody and love drama. But I have pushed through it and have been lucky enough not to be peoples only target. Recently I find my self letting people get to me alot. I’ve been really paranoid latley always thinking people are talking about me at work even though I can’t really think of any reason why. My work environment is full of drama. If anyone sees a weakness in someone they jump on it. I need some advice on how to ignore this stuff. I’m letting it effect my life big time. I’m always miserable and scared people are talking about me even though as far as I know I really don’t do anything wrong. Please give me advice if anyone has any. I need tips to deal with this more than anything !!!

Dear Mooseman,

I know how scary it can be to work with people who can be nasty in a way. I myself deal with nearly unbearable social anxiety, that keeps me from even attending the grocery store when i need too in fear that people i dont even know are talking about me.

Something that has really helped me, is to remember that at the end of the day, their words are just words. It sounds silly, and is a lot easier said than done, but their words wont physically harm you. I stay away from drama as often as I can, and when I feel like someones talking about me I like to take a few seconds to stop, breathe in, and remind myself that this is a silly intrusive thought.

Reigning in those intrusive thoughts take practice. Don’t worry if its not that easy at first, because its not. It takes practice, but i believe you can do it!

I hope this helps in a way, and know you arent alone.


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Hello, my friend. I hope you are well. On stream the other day, we posted a video to offer you some support. You can view it here:

I hope you find peace. Take care,

-brian - mydaddycangame