How to let go of someone love

The women I thought was truly going to be the one I’d share a family with is now just a women who I talk to from time to time. Nothing more than someone who hits me up when she’s bored, needs something, or is curious about how I am doing. It went from caring for each other needs with upmost priority to just another dude that pops up on her phone. I love her but I feel like the only way anything is going to get better is if I let her go…she just isn’t in a position to share the relationship I want. And I just don’t know how to let her go…because I still want to hope things will get better and work out.


In the typical male fashion of wanting to come in with an answer to your problems, I wish I could help you. But when you love someone like that, you can’t (or at least I couldn’t) just will yourself to let go. For me, She dangled the hope of reconciliation and better times ahead in front of me for a year and kept me hanging on. The best thing I did for myself was to cut Her out of my life. It didn’t stop the pain, but I quit inflicting more pain on myself. Sometimes it still hurts, and I think I’ll always have the scars. I was madly in love with the idea of Her, but I was just romanticizing a fantasy.

You deserve better. You deserve someone who wants to share her life with you with no reservations or hesitation. That takes a long time to find, and can leave you feeling hopeless in the meantime. But when you finally find your person, all will be well in the present, the future will be bright, and the past will no longer matter.


I’ll be honest, I found this on r/relationships. I had gotten out of a terrible break up about a year before I decided to do something about the feelings I had been having. I don’t know what came to me that morning, but you know, 3am thoughts and stuff can make shit happen. The best way I can summarize the post is you have to do 1 thing. remove all contact and images of them. That may sound hard, but it will slowly lower your thoughts of them as you can no longer talk to them or “see” them, allowing you to let go. It may be hard to do, but that helped me and it felt amazing to finally feel free. That’s all that I can really say that will help, I’ll link the post when I find it.

Edit: I must add that whatever you do, even if you were the one who initiated the breakup and feel guilt, don’t talk to them if, you broke up with them for a reason.

Have an amazing day, I love you all!


In really I havent got in romantic relationship, but what I learned from the people around and other type of relationship I have (like friendship) Is that when you see something that it seem forced or that have change but not for the best or that only one of them is really trying, is better to let that person go and move on. And if that person is really for you that person will come back and it if not, then you will meet someone that maybe is the right one.
Is hard to let someone go, but like the song say: Only know you love her when you let her go.
Take care :heart: :raised_hands:


Hi friend. I have had people like this in my life. Its hard when you think you have someone that cares and matters and they just back burner you till they need you or are bored. It’s rough. I know it’s hard but I think that you’re probably right. Maybe putting some distance and moving forward is the best thing. Not to say you can’t connect later, but maybe for now it would be healthier to just focus on you, new friendships and let there be space there. So you can clear your head and feel better. I know I have had to do that many times in my life. Not an easy process.

I hope you are doing much better today.

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