How to stay motivated

So a while back I made a post about starting to work and try to get healthy, welp that’s ended in failure I’ve already given up. How do I stay motivated and keep going, I don’t know how.


Sometimes it takes a little time to keep building habits. It’s easy for us to focus on bad habits and see how they seem so easy.
I reas this quote once and I think it applies “you’re not starting from failure, you’re starting from experience”.
You don’t have to shut yourself down and tell yourself you’re a failure. You have tried something that maybe didn’t work for you, so now you know that!
Being healthy can be fun as well, when it’s a chore people tend to give up on it (especially me). For example I love cooking and so I love getting hello fresh. It has all the ingredients there so I don’t have to spend extra, and you have the option to choose low cal. Or some people find apps like noom inspiring.
Sometimes it does take a little self control, but once you get over the cravings of SUGARRRR, it feels a lot better.
What’re some things you enjoy? I enjoy gardening and so usually my physical side of things comes from cleaning (because I do so obsessively), gardening and work. Do you enjoy swimming? (I hate is lmao), but I’ve heard swimming is such a great source of exercise because it uses all muscle groups, but you don’t have to do specific laps and specific exercise, just enjoy yourself swimming around with friends.
Do you love sweets? What are some healthier alternatives? Like for example some fruit with pure cream. I’m obsessed with pure cream, it replaced my milk in coffee because it’s less sugar but it’s such a smooth flavour.
I think it’s really important to find fun to help stay motivated. There’s a place here where the whole building is just like trampolines, so much fun and great exercise. There’s stand up paddle boarding, again so much fun and great exercise.
Sometimes I take my friends dogs for a walk because it’s enjoyable having the goofy companions, but also good exercise!
I hope that helps a little bit

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Unfortunately I’m limited to what I have available at my home, and that’s only a few weights and walking around town.


Hey @lonelyfreak,

Good for you to seek ways to learn from what happened and reconsider your strategy. An amazing thing with failure of any kind is that it allows us to learn, try differently, and do better. It’s definitely not a full stop even if it can be frustrating and tempting to give up. A huge part of reaching your goals is also learning to identify what progress means for you, knowing yourself better and how to get where you want.

When you mention two goals: “starting to work and try to get healthy” - how does that look like practically? What is your strategy? Having a clear vision on how you can achieve these goals is fundamental. I’d encourage you to take some time to think about it, break them down as plenty of small steps, and when/how you’ll do them. How you are going to put your goals into actions is a fundamental. Let’s try to start from there.

What is one step that you could take tomorrow in direction of those two goals/one of those goals?

I believe in you. :hrtlegolove:

The work part was a typo I meant to say workout.

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