HOW TO SWAT (World Mental Health Day Special Meeting Today) 18+

**Hey All, If you have not already noticed its World Mental Health Day and what better day to take the opportunity to come and see what happens in our Support Wall Action Teams by coming along to our WMH Day Special!
We will show you how as a group you can encourage and support others in their time of need.

If you want to come and take part please feel free to message myself @Lisaw1973 (aka Lisalovesfeathers) or @Mystrose or you can just come straight on over.
We would love to show you how amazing it is to be in this loving corner of our community.

The meeting is here Click on the following invitation to join our Discord server

look for HOW TO SWAT ** It’s Today*** at (10pm UTC / 3pm PDT/ 5pm CST)

We would truly love to see you there. :green_heart: