How y'all doin being confined from Coronavirus?

Yeah, I know. Isolation. You’ll get used to it you know, knowing when we’ll it be the last day we can actually go out! Right now, I’m sitting on my desk up at late 11 in the morning not in care in the world. Rather just write something down while listening to good music. What y’all up to? Boardgames? Watching TV, Netflix, Hulu, or etc. We’ll get through this thou, no worry. We’ll just have to wait to where this ride goes for us. All of us. And if y’all don’t mind, I’ve written a song. it isn’t released out yet. It’s just a summary.

The people who grew up with you, have their own struggles as well as yours. Then, when you get together. It’s either something they see or you see. In particular, it’s questioning, Do we at least understand each other, if we can’t understand ourselves.

There’s a reason why I named this song “Cigars,” it reflects on moments that are only between two people who just lay back and just have time to breathe to understand better than to argue with each other. Little time to only think what it would be.


I am slowly letting all of this sink in. It’s been a slow ramp up for me (im in Oregon) and I’m just now realizing it’s going to have some lasting effects. We will be getting a Shutter-In order soon (can’t leave the house) and I was just put on temporary lay-off.
But, it means I get to stay home with my boy and do daddy daycare, which is cool. My wife still works, so we aren’t too worried about finances.
Some things that we are going to be doing include getting in touch with friends and family through skype or Facetime. This is a good time to re-connect with people that you may not have seen or heard from in a while. Another fun thing that one of my friends is doing is a community Dance Hour through skype. Should be fun!

I hope everyone else is staying safe and keeping busy, even if it means catching up on a videogame or reading some books!


@Hamsamurai Sorry to hear about your lay-off bro :frowning: cool that you’re in a situation where the hit isn’t too steep and the upside is massive – getting to stay at home with your son…win! Not surprised you’re finding the bright side, but also happy for that. Also sounds cool the Dance Hour!

I’m doin fine with the Covid stuff. We already spend a majority of our time at home (work at home for me, stay at home mom for my wife). It’s allowed us to slow down, spend time with the kids, spend time working on the home / unpacking / etc.

I think it’s harder for my wife because she longs for security / safety. Knowing that the stores might shut down / knowing that our county might go on full lock down is a tough pill to swallow. She’s worried about – what happens if we need something and can’t get it?

I am more worried from a lay-off standpoint if we were to get to a point where I lost my job, that would be tough on our family. We just fought our way out of debt after 7 years, completely 100% debt-free (excluding mortgage). And I’m hoping we have the privilege of staying that way. The shut down seems like it’ll throw a massive wrench into a lot of things. But it’s not a boat many people are unfamiliar with. Curious what the other side of this whole thing will look like too…what does it look like for an economy to ramp back up from a massive shut down? What crazy times, man.

Anyways, other than the financial side, the lifestyle side has actually been a blessing. Slowing down, doing less, spending less, being more present…good stuff so far. We’ll see how I feel about this statement 4-6 weeks from now haha.


Hey friend

It’s been tough for sure. Most days I try to be positive and encourage people through this. I see a lot of people being being kind and helping each other out. I have moments of doubt and worry. The unknown future is scary. But spending time with loved ones is a good distraction and a reminder of the good that does exist. We will get through this. Some way, some how.

Much love

  • Kitty

We are not confined so to speak, we just don’t assemble in large numbers. For example, we “went” to church last Sunday by holding it online, each of us on our computers at home. You should know also that the C.V., while deadly, mostly kills very young and very old and/or immune compromised folks. I am certainly not saying this is good, I am only saying that most healthy folks whose health is not otherwise compromised will probably not need to worry too much about the C.V. God bless.

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Honestly, I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been watching my health. Keeping’ it balance. I understand we are the “Carriers” of the virus but, I feel like it’s too pressured. I understand people should take it seriously but, most that are older age might die.