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How's everyone handling the coronavirus stress?

Hi friends - wondering how you all are coping with the covid-19 stress? Are you dealing with the extra concerns and scheduling adjustments OK?

I am finding myself starting to freak out a little. I can feel my mental health slipping during these last few days. As things are closing down, my schedule for the next 2 weeks is pretty unknown (work / school) and routine is one of those things that calm me.

Doing my best to stay informed but not too much - it’s always a balancing act between informing myself and potentially getting obsessive.

Still hitting the gym. It’s open (for now) and working out continues to be my go-to coping strategy these days. But now that’s freaking me out a little too and I’m thinking maybe I should not go. Walking / running at home just doesn’t do it though - I find I need the weight machines to really get me out of my own head. Sigh.

How are you all coping with the extra stress? What is working for you to get through these crazy days?


Be careful with this thread. Don’t want to start discussion of panic or anything confrontational. <3 Be gentle and kind to one another. <3

With that said, my partner was called from work till further notice. But that’s okay. We are safe, we are taking precautions and with family. It’s stressful in areas but we know that things are being shut down for good reason. Right now it’s less about our own ability to handle it but more about stopping the spread. I think it’s great that we are taking action globe wide.

I have to be careful not to get too invested. It’s good to be informed but I think it would be good for all of us not to over invest our mental health, over panic and stress more than necessary. Do what we are in control of and don’t over panic about the things that aren’t in our control. Spend time with close loved ones, maybe play board games, wash your hands, stay out of largely crowded places, don’t over stock so that those who are also in need arent left without. Check on your neighbors and make sure they are okay. Share some basic needs if you are able. We will all get through this <3

I think taking a short walk or run around your local area is probably okay. Around the block/neighborhood. Just stay away from crowded places. You’re probably fine. <3

Im binge watching shows. Playing games. Working through Dwarf Planet and spending time on discord and the wall to help encourage and comfort others who may be struggling right now <3

Stay safe friend. Do what you need to stay mentally healthy. It is okay to go for a run. Granted you are not in a country or area that has strict lock downs right now. Just take your precautions. You’ll be okay.



To be honest, I don’t know…!

To me I guess it’s a bit particular 'cause I’m sick already, so I can’t help being at least a bit concerned by this, but I try not to think too much about it. I already received all the informations I needed from my doctor but it’s quite an organization… I still have to go to hospital every week but now I am not allowed to go there by myself and there are areas in the hospital that I have to avoid. Talking with doctors and nurses there helps. And some of them also need it…talking, 'cause they’re more to complain than me, honestly.

But it’s more stressful to go there now. It’s already painful to receive those treatments on a regular basis, the kind that reminds you that your body is vulnerable and you’re mortal, well… with all that coronavirus stuff people only talk about it there. There’s a woman who started to cry next to me because she has a cancer too and she was just so stressed by all of this. It feels like a double penalty for those who are already sick or immunodepressed.

I’m not particularly afraid to get covid-19, but I’m having a hard time with all the uncertainties around it and about the future. Like for how long are we gonna live like this? Being unsure about how thing are going to be has always been stressful to me. I hate lacking of concrete perspective. Like… I’ve been tested yesterday at home because I’ve been feverish for a couple of days. Results will arrive today. But if it’s “just” a flu, how many times I’m going to do that in months to come, as my health is just a mess already? :woman_facepalming: I already have a strong disease to fight, so it’s mentally draining. And I feel that my anxiety is just going crazy.

But I can’t help but thinking about all of the people who lost someone, those who are in closed institutions such as retirement homes, psychiatric hospitals, prisons, and all the medical staff, all the people who are going into bankrupcy because of the political measures… and I feel like I’m really not to complain.

I’m at home, I take care of myself, I can chose not to be surrounded by all of this just by avoiding the news. I feel like when you are hearing the same things again and again, it’s only stressful. Sometimes I look outside and see some birds singing so I can conclude: “well, world is still going on”, as simply as it sounds. It’s a different reality, a more concrete one, and I like to hold on to this one. And really, I know it’s not easy to reduce the amount of news we hear/read, as it’s something that helps us feel like we have a kind of control over something… but I can’t insist enough on taking some distance with it. We don’t need to be informed all the time. And as humans we’re certainly not prepared to ingest such an amount of daily news.

What is working for me is to keep doing what I like, as much as possible. If I start to be too anxious, I won’t be able to handle anything. I already felt like my world was ending because of my health for the past few months. So I just try to make sure that life is going on, through daily actions. Of course there are restrictions, things that requires to be careful, recommendations to follow. But at our own individual scale, life keeps going on.

As I’m too tired, I focus on drawing. It’s relaxing, it helps me to clear my mind. I also read a lot. There were so many books waiting for me to be read and I just realize now that I could have done this earlier. I also try to practice mindfulness when my body isn’t hurting. Like small parenthesis in the day… My favorite one: holding that warm cup of coffee in the morning and taking a very long time to drink it while breathing some fresh air. :heart: It’s not much, but it’s practical and concrete things during the day. And I swear… this moment is so important to me.

It’s a bit of ramblings, sorry!

Take care friends. Be careful, be safe. :heart:


I’m not flippant about it anymore, I’m taking it seriously, but I’m not afraid, at least not for myself. I know chances of me getting it are low, and that if I do get it I will survive it, and that even if for some reason I died that I wouldn’t miss myself. I’ve made peace with the things I can’t control, but I’m taking reasonable precautions.

I’m more worried about the potential of getting my wife sick because she has bad asthma. We’re not really extroverted to begin with, and our work environments are pretty small, but then my boss was in Seattle all last week and is in the office today, and wants to review some of our new products. I’m not thrilled, but I’ll be mindful of what I touch and try to keep some space between us. I also have a 1qt spray bottle of alcohol, usually used for cleaning parts, that I’ll be carrying around like a six-shooter :stuck_out_tongue:


Oops - didn’t realize it might be off topic. Just know I’m struggling with the chaos and anxiety of it all so wanted to reach out to other people who might be feeling the same. @KittyKoyangi are there guidelines here somewhere on what shouldn’t be discussed? Being fairly new here still I didn’t realize I should avoid some things. If there’s a resource to look at on what’s frowned upon, that would be helpful and I will be sure to avoid those things here.

Yes - this is always the challenge for me as well! It’s a balancing act for sure!

Yes, this is a struggle for me as well. I keep telling myself to just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Me. Too. Watching the little wisps of steam drift up from the cup. Those moments that remind us to all the beauty that is also present in life. All the simple joys. :heart:

Be well everyone.


@nameredacted Nu uh!! You’re fine!! <3 It was a gentle reminder to anyone who may respond. To make sure it didn’t escalate into a panic talk or subject of non sourced facts. You are absolutely fine!! <3 <3 <3



I pray to God, read my bible, watch encouraging videos on YouTube or something funny to make me laugh, listening to music, and talking with my loved ones. Both online and real life. This season we are in will be over soon. We will not submit to fear. Don’t be afraid.


The virus panic really didn’t phase me at first. The deaths are unfortunate, but people spread deadly germs to each other all the time. It’s gross. But not surprising.

However! Once sports were canceled, it really bummed me out. Which i know sounds really shallow, but watching sports is one of my most favorite, and HEALTHY past times.

Then the mayor where I live shut down all pubs and bars. Which is another favorite place of mine to visit when I’m attempting to be social.

And now, I’m laid off from work until further notice.

It’s all really annoying, but I’m trying to view it as a character building experience. Everything is different, but everything will be okay. That’s how I’ve been coping… I just keep telling myself “It’s alright. Everything will be Okay!” …so far its working (: I’ve been using the extra time to apply for jobs, and clean the house. I’ve also been watching movies, reading books, writing, and drawing… I’ll probably go for a walk later.
Hope you’ve been handling everything alright. We’re all here if you need a distraction or just want to talk. Hang in there! Everything is going to be okay (: stay safe friend