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This post is from an anonymous person in Houston who would like support

The #1 pressing anxiety on my mind today:

My father’s chances of beating cancer.


Hey friend,

Thank you so much for sharing what’s on your mind today. This pressing anxiety regarding your fathers health is absolutely understandable. It’s scary to see our loved ones being sick, and heartbreaking to feel powerless while they are being so brave. I’ve been in that situation with my brother, a couple of years ago. It was hard to be in this position of a witness who can only wait for updates about the situation. However, I find some solace in being a caring and encouraging presence for my big brother while he was in hospital, even if there was a physical distance between us. During that time, we have talked to each other like we never did. Many more words directly from our hearts, you know? I’m sure your dad too appreciate beyond words how much you care, but overall just the fact that you are a caring presence for him. Love is an incredible gift, especially during these moments, and one that gives an incredible amount of strength and courage in the face of adversity.

I hope with all my heart that everything is going to be okay for your dad. I’m thinking and praying for him, you and your family. If you need to discuss, vent, just share your heart whenever you need, please know you have a safety net right here in the HeartSupport family. You are not alone. Just like you are rooting for your father, we are also rooting for you. Keep us updated, if that’s okay for you.

Sending lots of positive and healing thoughts your way. :hrtlegolove:

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From: Night/in/gale (Discord)

Hey there friend! I understand that that’s a very anxious thing to be going through, and I’m sorry to hear your father is sick. It must be stressful to be in a powerless position, only able to wait for whatever the doctor’s decide. Hopefully it is of some reassurance that they are doing everything they can to help. I hope though that, despite the uncertainty, you are still able to enjoy your time with him! No matter the outcome, the memories you are able to make are precious. Despite it being an anxious time, you can stay strong and courageous! Sending out love to you and your family during these trying times! I hope it works itself out for the better :heart:

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From: j71s8 (Discord)

I can remember the anxiety from when my father had his first diagnosis of prostate cancer, it was a tough situation. I want to give you assurance that you have strength through this because you are talking about it. There’s so many things that happen in this time period that happen so fast, they seem to be like a whirwinid going by. You are anchored by the outreach you are showing now. There is so much that we do not always know in life, but you are choosing to acknowledge the known, which is that he is here with us now, and that he is loved by you. When my father went through his surgical procedure for the cancer treatment we were not sure about the prognosis, and we still do not know. However, there is always a great groups that can help out. There’s a lot of great adventures you can take too virtually with your father around the world just from your computer. There is so much you can do. I was once given a good proverb, anxious thoughts are like clouds. You can pick them out of the sky, look at them, and they can float back. It does not always mean the clouds will be simple to move, but they can be like a changing of the season. You are loved, you matter, and you are cared for greatly!


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