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What is the #1 pressing anxiety on your mind today?:

2 words that keep coming up for me to work through are… inefficiencies and resentment


Thanks for sharing with us!
I think the first thing that you mention is one a lot of us have. Inefficiencies are the name of the game of mankind. We all have them, and I am definitely one of them.
I struggle very much with the inefficiencies i have. I want to give you some thoughts on what I’m trying to work on with dealing with my own inefficiencies. For me I have spent time trying to regain some inefficiencies i used to be efficient in but i probably would have been better off working on the stuff i could have done to excel now. I think there would have been so much that would have done.
Focusing negatively on inefficiencies as a way to make yourself a detractor as opposed to an asset because you have other efficiencies people don’t can be very degrading on your life. It was on mine, and i know i can really deal with that and it is something I’ve tried my best to stop but there’s days it does try to push through.
I guess maybe someone could say it is normal once in a blue moon to feel like everyone else around you is better, but you ALWAYS have things about you that make you uniquely you, that is why you are called human. There is a u in the word meant just for you.

I also want to talk about resentment.
I know how hard that can be. I want to thank you for sharing that you are working on that. It is such a hard thing to work on. I wish I knew where yours came from so i could have more references. Without that i can only go from my experiences. My biggest resentments come from my own life and those are ones i have to work on every day, but i would say that those type of resentments we all have to work through daily. Some ways that i have learned to work through those are to take a moment when those feelings come up and realize that no longer am i where i was. There are people who love me. While i may have hate and resentment in my heart for certain people, or myself, i know that they are people who need love just like i so. Someone else loves them, cares for them, to someone they matter. Someone relies on them. So when i start feeling that, even if it’s towards myself. I try my hardest to remind myself that to someone they mean something.


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