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This post is from an anonymous person in Houston who would like support

Shame: What’s something you’re currently doing that you would like to change?:

Drinking Alcohol


From: Micro (Discord)

Hey friend, thank you so much for reaching out here. Reducing your alcohol consumption, or recovering if that is to the point of an addiction, can surely be a tough battle, but one that is worth it and absolutely possible. This change that you want to initiate in your life is realistic and achievable, and you’ve just made the first step by reaching out today and being honest about your struggle. The very first way to create a positive transition in our life is to break down any kind of shame and isolation, and seek supportive connections. With this community, you have now an army of supporters ready to encourage you through those steps. There ARE options out there, and you might at a point in your life of wanting to consider them. Oftentimes, support groups made of people who struggle with the same issue are very helpful (like AA for example). Not only it gives you a space where you can share your heart without any filter, be surrounded by people who relate and understand the daily reality of your struggle, but also eventually be supported by a mentor who can be a pillar of strength and accountability to you. Overall, these battles don’t have to be done alone. Surrounding yourself with the right help, supportive people and good resources are definitely good steps to take. You want to initiate this change in your life and that is also your very first strength! We absolutely believe in you and your capacity to change the narrative and make a difference in your situation. And through all of this, we will keep rooting for you. You can do this, friend! Hold Fast. <3


From: j71s8 (Discord)

I want to thank you for sharing your struggle with us. I know how hard it is to overcome the want to drink. It dosent matter how much it is, if it’s not what you want to drink, then that’s too much for you. You are loved through everything, and no matter what you are cared for, and you matter. You are worthy of being rid of the things that are weighing you down. It’s like a veil over your eyes sometimes, it can be so demanding. It’s like being held hostage and the bottle is pointed right at you. Know that through all of this there are people who wont let you go, who will always love you, who will always care for you, and will always be there for you. You just began your journey by those two words right there, and that is strength like I have not seen in a long time. You are an awesome person. You are worthy of this change, like the fields are worthy of the rain, like the morning is worth the sun, and like the blooming flowers deserve the brilliance of their colors. You deserve all the positive, liife changing things that will happen as you work to end this. You are loved, you matter and you are cared for greatly!


Hi thanks for sharing …
It’s never an easy thing to stop drinking. I used to have the belief I was boring without it or not as happy without it. When in fact it just got me into trouble and made me miserable.
One way I was able to cut down and eventually stop was I joined a group that was proud to be healthy. A gym , boot camp, run club, walk club. Whatever takes your fancy. Something that would be much easier without drink. And with people that encourage you to be healthy and kind to your body rather than surrounded by people who love to drink or also need to drink .

Over time I saw results and got better and now the rush of a good run, or even just a long hike is a good enough buzz for me now that I don’t even miss the drink .

I do hope you can find that alternative buzz and good luck with your journey.
You got this !


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