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Shame: What’s something you’re currently doing that you would like to change?:

Self-loathing negative thoughts and doubting myself

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Thanks for taking the time to share with us!
It’s so easy to take it be very negative about yourself and very doubtful of what you can do. It’s very much something i deal with a lot too.
Its like having a smoke detector over your head that you constantly are looking up at while it beeps at you over and over again when you are trying to tell yourself something good about yourself. It’s so easy to get stuck because you don’t want to go somewhere new, but stay in the same place you know. And that place is the middle of a self- perceived pit of ashes and broken clay pots.
I have a hard time believing in myself a lot of times. I don’t think i have the abilities i do. I did learn a new trick to think differently though, and it has started to change my thinking.
I stopped thinking “well obviously I’m bad at this i can prove it”, and i started thinking “well instead of proving my theory right, let me prove my theory wrong”. So if i think i am not good at something, I’ve been starting to work through the thought process to basically ask myself, am i self doubting again? Let me test this.
It’s like how you do math. When x+1=2 and you are asked find x, you need to know how to find x before you know what x is.
So start double checking the math, that’s what I’m working on. Sometimes when you write down the math, you see the answer.
There is no shame as well in taking a breath before answering, but don’t doubt what you know to be true.
The answer is that you are loved, you matter, and you are cared for greatly!


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