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This post is from an anonymous person in Houston who would like support

Loneliness: What moments in your day are the hardest to keep from feeling alone?:

When I’m home alone because I don’t want to go to the bar, but everyone else is out and about and together so no one is responding or just wants to watch a movie.

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Thanks for sharing!
Its hard when everybody wants to go out and drink and you don’t, or they want to stay home and your left home.
It can feel so rough but you’re not alone, this past year has been especially rough and now that things are changing again it’s a whole new world. Even if it’s a normal thing that hasn’t changed due to covid, it is a very tough situation but you are not alone!
There are many times i have to be without others around and it absolutely is the worst. It can feel like a vacuum is sucking the enjoyment right out of the day.
There are a lot of positive ways i learned to work through feeling lonely for long periods of time but it took me a bit of time. It ended up taking me expanding my social base to others who were not into the types of things i were exactly in to but we’re yet very much on my level with everything else. I found that while i honestly am not always as entertained by some of the things as they are, i appreciate why they spend their time with these activities. When i began letting in those who have more broad interests i was also able to find more positivity in my life, and more opportunities for jobs and other things i never imagined.
Know that you are loved, you matter, and you are cared for greatly!

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Oh friend, this is so understandable! It’s incredibly lonely to feel like what you aspire to do isn’t the priority of the people you also want to spend your time with. Throughout the years, I’ve always been this friend who’d rather read a book while being wrapped in a blanket than going outside and partying. For so many, calm and indoor activities are more interesting and relaxing, and that’s totally okay. With covid and lockdowns that also put a lot of restrictions, I imagine that most people are now more willing to enjoy going to the bar and outside in general than staying inside, which makes sense too.

I hope you know that none of this make you or your friends wrong for wanting to do different things. In the future, there might be a possibility fory ou and them to discuss and eventually find a balance between your different activities, whether it’s by having a variety of activites when you meet, of finding some balance at the scale of a week or a month, depending on how often you see each other. There could also be activities that would be a middle ground for both of you and allow you to meet halfways.

Overall, if you’re comfortable with it, please don’t hesitate to talk to them about it. In these circumstances, it might feel like you are left alone and even forgotten, but it’s very possible that they are not aware of how this situation makes you feel too. Communication, when we feel alone or isolated, is our very first tool to break this wall around us.

Sending hugs your way. :hrtlegolove:

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