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This post is from an anonymous person in Houston who would like support

What’s something you want to happen, but feel like it never will?:

Making enough money to fix my house, pay for a wedding and take time off.

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Thanks for sharing,
I can relate to how much houses cost. Mine is almost done and it is way over budget to the extreme. I can relate the struggle of feeling like you can not ever make it to the end goal of getting married, having a beautiful house for your wife, and get a few days off.
It sometimes feels like the trifecta of being too poor to get married. I felt that way so much.

As far as the wedding goes, I’ll share a bit hoping it helps you, it’s about buying a ring for my wife and a bit else.
One day i just decided to buy a cheapish ring and put it on a really cheap monthly installment. It isn’t even a diamond, it’s a lab made gemstone.
We bought our original wedding rings on amazon for under 25. Our wedding itself cost us under $100. Her dress was like 20 bucks. My bowtie cost more.
We went to a nice chain restaurant and had a simple honeymoon. It was really as simple as that. Only the witnesses and the officiant. We didn’t have family and will eventually have a reception some year when we have the money to bring in the family.
I wouldn’t trade that wedding for anything.

I hope my story encourages you that it’s ok that things aren’t meant to be perfect to get married. “For better or worse” “for poverty and wealth” truly means it in marriages meant to last.

You are loved, you matter, and you are cared for greatly!


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