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This post is from an anonymous person in Houston who would like support

Past wounds: What’s a memory that won’t leave you alone?

Black death on the news / Loss of Big Floyd

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I wanted to tell you thank you for bringing up this you are loved!
This period of time is so rough for so many in a different way. I can’t begin to speak for anyone.
I can not deny the truth that occured but love must truly shine through this.
I personally pray in these days for peace and grace to be upon all of us.

Hey friend,

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts here. Even from the other side of the ocean, these news are something that I won’t forget either. It’s been such a wild, tough year, and seeing what happened to George floyd, but also hearing about all the personal stories that people shared about police brutality and racism more generally were horrifying. We know that reality, but it’s always different when we see it right in front of us. G.Floyd’s death was a collective trauma, and I still can’t imagine how devastated his family must be.

As J7 said before, thank you for bringing this up. The memory remains, and it can be really hard to feel like this movement was a temporary awareness while the issues bheind are still happening and real. We all have something to do, at our own scale, even if it’s jusy by educating ourselves as much as possible, and make sure we leave this world in a better state than when we came in.

During that time of the year, there were streamings made by one of the HeartSupport staff member, who painted portraits of victims racism and brutality, as a way to honor their memory and their story. I’d recommend you to have a look at the videos on Youtube, through the following link, as this kind of process can also help to regain faith in humanity and our capacity to make a difference:

I’m sending love your way. Hope you can find some peace in your heart, friend. We’re in this together.

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