Huge mental break down again

So… decided to give driving a try again…failed miserably almost got in an accident and got screamed at…I huffed about it and got screamed at about that too…on top of that when my dad took over and we got home I went into a panic attack…I wasn’t allowed to step away to let everything out so I just spilled it and when I did he got up in my face and just would not give me the space I needed…I understand how serious the accident could have been…but the situation could have been handled alot better than it did…I’m so upset and feel so humiliated and dumb… Like I am not appreciated or worth having patience with…I just want to accomplish things but it’s so freaking hard too…

It might be a bit bfor I EVER try driving again…


hi friend

So sorry that the driving practice got so intense!

I’m hearing a lot of big emotions here. First it seems like it was a really eventful day for you!
Also for your dad, parents yell and scream when they’re scared for their kids’ safety. Sometimes they get so protective that they resort to yelling and screaming to hide how scared they were, and because a lot of times they too never had someone to work through their emotions with.

It sounds like a scary moment, and hope you are doing a bit better now. I think you’re showing a lot of potential here, by sharing its.

You are not. You are very much important to us here, and you are loved and valued.


Hi Andy
I’m sorry you almost got in an accident, I’m glad you’re ok.

I will 100000% echo all of what @Sita has said.

When a parent looses their temper and yells or gets physical, it’s not usually because of the child. It has to do with their own insecurities and fears. A parent should be able to keep their cool and not be an ass when they have to deal with their kids. But, maybe your father feels like a failure because you’re having trouble learning. Maybe he is angry at himself and doesn’t know how to cope. There could be other reasons that have nothing to do directly with you.

You are none of those things you’re feeling and your father doesn’t think you are either I would guess.

It still doesn’t make this ok. I wonder if when everyone is calm and had some time to think, you can approach him and ask to talk about what happened. Respect each other and work it out.