Humans are cruel

This is literally just me ranting about today I is just shit and honestly I’m loosing hope there’s any light.
Just as I felt like people t accepted I existed things go worse. I was happier than I was for a long time but of course things had to be ruined humans are cruel and nothing can change that.
Why do they have to keep calling me names and scream at me? What have I ever done to them. No screw that question I did a lot I’m a horrible person but I don’t know.
The insults are getting worse it started so lightly now they are screaming in my face. Screaming things that I’m a who’re or cunt or however you’d translate these things. I’m going bä FC k to a place with no return and I’m kinda okay with it. Screw it If I just do 2hat I’ve stopped it’s not like anyone cares no-one ever noticed so why now. And just as I was home stupid me decides to trip on a candle and bang their head on a table breaking down in tears. The left side of my face hurts and I feel worthless as ever. It’s not like I’m good for anything. I mean I guess they’re right to call my names but it still hurts yknow. I don’t 3ven have anyone to talk to. No-one likes me and yes I’m whining about it but I also know that there’s nothing to like about me so I accept it. I understand yet it hurts. I deserve all those things yet it hurts. Why. I don’t Uh derstand this I can’t take it I don’t care if this text makes sense I doubt anyone even reads it it’s not like anyone cares for goddess sake. So hex if you’ve read this congratulations on wasting your time on a worthless fat bitch who rants to strangers on the internet hiding behind a anonymous mask.
Oh what a wonderful life this is.


Hey friend. I see you. There’s just about nothing true about what you wrote here, but I’m glad you got your thoughts out on paper, and here’s why: we can point to these things and name them what they are: lies. You don’t deserve the pain others are giving you, you aren’t a total screw up, you aren’t worthless. You matter, your voice matters, your life matters, your feelings matter, you make mistakes because you’re human but they don’t define you, you are worthy of love and belonging and support and care, and I’m so glad you landed on this place and shared on the internet in an anonymous way so you could be authentic about where you’re at so I can be authentic about where I’m at: I feel so much of what you said, have been in so many of those places myself, and I know what it’s like to feel buried and like you never want to come out anyways. But here’s the truth friend: you are loved. Whether you like it or not, can rationalize it or not, feel you deserve it or not. You are loved. Me, a stranger on the internet, is one of those people who loves you. And I promise I’m not the only one. I’m sorry life is rough right now, but you deserve the fight to make things better. So fight, but don’t fight yourself, fight FOR yourself. Turn all of that anger on your own behalf. You deserve better. I believe it.


Pingu I took my time reading what you wrote and I did not waste a second on it.

You are WORTH something. You’re nothing of whatever mean things people call you.

Of course, I’ve never met you, so in that sense: yes, We are anonymous.
But what I read is that someone is cruel to you: you do NOT deserve that. I’m not trying to justify their actions but who knows how they have been scarred to find it necessary to scar you.
You however DESERVE to be heard, appreciated, loved. You deserve do wake up and FEEL GOOD/OK/HAPPY. Is there any way you can minimise the amount of time you spend with these people?
I highly suggest you join some of us at the Twitch live streams. We do art and gaming and have live encouragement talks. I’m sure you can make friends that will help you cheer up when you have the bad days.

Humans are good. You are GOOD! Don’t give up on yourself! I believe in you, Heartsupport believes in you!
You are being heard, so thannk you for being brave and sharing your thoughts!

sending you energy from Austria

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