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I’ve been out of a bad relationship for a year and a half now and am tired of people pointing at me like I’m the only one who fucked it up and like I didn’t care. I put my all into that relationship and still I was never cared about and was treated like shit. I was ignored degraded and emotionally abused by the woman who was supposed to be my partner and is the mother to my child. Now she continues to lie and make things up to make me look like shit and in order to get sympathy on her side cause all she craves is attention.
She makes me out to be an uncaring father who isn’t there for my son but that’s because of her. I love my son and will always wanna be there for him and you took him away from me you put me in the position where I wasn’t allowed to see him because of your lies.
Now she constantly says things about how I never cared for him or anything but a man who doesn’t care would not have given money he would not have ran a mile in a down pour with an upper respiratory infection to be there for his son in the hospital when he was sick cause you wouldn’t pick him up.
And now that I’m unable to work and am awaiting disability and can’t pay support till then and and ask for a suspension you treat me like I’m wrong and I’m uncaring!.
And act as if me getting a paternity test is wrong?? I know he’s my son and I want more rights and doing so will give me those since I only have an admittance if paternity and am not on the birth certificate because I didn’t even know he was born and had to find out off Facebook 2 weeks later.
I feel like I’m being put out there to be seen as a bad parent when Its You who did it to me and forced me away from the only son I have and love.
You want to take him away out of the country just so I can’t see him and that’s not right.
It hurts me that others just believe her without asking my side and without stopping to think hey sometimes people manipulate and lie.


Being involved with a manipulator can be the hardest thing to deal with emotionally. it is so draining of almost all joy and peace. I cant fully understand your circumstance, but i do understand hurt and sacrifice and to be falsely accused. I believe you have the right to your children to see them and love them and fight for that right. Even though its tough keep persevering and never let that other person deter you form loving your kid. When you r kid grows up you can always say you were there through it and never gave up. Im very sorry for the heart ache again and i just want you to know that i hear you and care about your situation.



I don’t know the pain youre going through right now, but youre strong! You are fighting an uphill battle that some would just give up. I wish you the best in this situation. I hope you get custody for your son, because that whole situation is just messed up, to say the least. You have not only my support, but the entire forms support.
We wish you the best in this dark time.

Please keep us updated on the situation. We want you to be able to see your son. I hope the test comes back with you being the father.

Hold Fast,