I want to reach out and ask others if they are dealing with hypothyroidism and if so what their symptoms are and what they are going threw/ if they found anything to make it better. Not may people realize hypothyroidism affects everything , all your body functions , and the longer you live with it the more havick it causes on your body and mind till you at the point where you feel you cant take it any more . That’s where I stand, I’ve gone to tons of drs and they just keep dicking me around one tells me i have it then next time says I dont , but the pain, discomfort, memory loss, weight gain , instability to think clearly and so much more are always there, I just want help, I just want this nightmare to be over already. Anyone else going threw this


I do not struggle with this current diagnoses, but I do have many other health issues and struggle, many where I am still trying to get figured out. It’s a constant fight with doctors and being tossed around from doctor to doctor. I struggle with a lot of pain, discomfort and unpleasant body malfunction, so I can relate in the medical nightmare just in a different diagnoses.

I’m so sorry that you are facing these things. I know how frustrating it is when our bodies do not want to cooperate or function properly. I know the struggles of feeling defeated and limited due to those health issues.


I’m really sorry to hear you going through all that too :frowning: do you mind if I ask what your diagnosed with? I hope the drs will help you and will stop bouncing you around because I know that almost more frustrating than dealing with any symptoms. If your dealing with any kinda pain from inflammation or anything turmeric milk is the best tasting natural anti inflammatory I’ve found btw .

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Thanks friend. I truly hope that you are able to find healing. I know health issues can really play on our mental health and be very frustrating.

Thanks for the tip. I’ll read on that.

Hi, I suffer from Hypothyroidism. I’m not sure i can help much but i’ll try. Are these doctors taking blood tests ? Because they are supposed to test your T4. If that number is low there suppose to prescribe a medication synthroid. That’s what i’m on and its made a huge difference. I didn’t even know i had hypo. It wasn’t until i lost 10 pounds without doing anything. I got tested and sure enough i had it. I actually had symptoms of thyroid i just didn’t know it. I was very tired , i swelled up really bad, i refused to take my medication for a week because of anxiety. So my thyroid gland swelled up. According to my mom i was also way more emotional thing usual. I hope this helped :slight_smile: If you need anything else i’m here for you.

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