I always been a follower, not a leader

All of my life, I follow people. I wasn’t the type to lead someone. Even though I admire leaders such as superheroes, teachers, my parents, spiritual men, coworkers. I do want to be a good example to anyone, but I ask myself “How do I do that? Who will apply the humble advices I give? Am I going to be a bad leader?” I’m not clever. I made many mistakes because of my foolishness. I feel like a boy trapped in a man’s body who will never hatch from its cocoon. Everyone I know wants me to get improve. I do too. However, the only problem is I don’t believe in myself. I don’t see myself as the way God sees me. I wish I can get over myself and start doing something impactful for my life.

Hey, @AVJRm I get you. I dream of starting a band, but I worry if I can be a leader. Sometimes in life people will not like you or disagree with you, and that’s their opinion, ok? There’s nothing wrong with you, and you matter. We all make mistakes and we feel stupid at times, maybe all the time. And that’s okay. You may not feel like you’re learning anything from your mistakes, but you are. We make mistakes, and we take joy in who we are. THAT INCLUDES YOU!!! :slight_smile:

I recommend taking a day to spend with yourself. Be alone in nature and away from people, and find some things out about yourself. Find what makes you happy, what makes you angry, what makes you scared. Pick out your traits. Pick out one thing you don’t like about yourself, just one, and focus your energy on improving that one thing. Take it one step, one day at a time. You’ll be fine. I believe in you.

Don’t judge yourself by others. Trust me on this one.
I see you, so please stay strong. Before you give advice, think about it. Also tell that person any consequences that might come along with that action. Remind them that you’re always there to give advice when needed. Who will? Everyone needs advice, they could always use it.

Being a leader starts with confidence. Work on yourself before you give too much of yourself to others. Confidence starts with you taking joy in yourself. Do not mind if that person says you should improve by this time and do this or that. They’re not you. They don’t understand what it’s like, and they don’t need to.

“The reality has to be that you are happy with people liking you, and that’s fun, you can’t live or die by the praise. You have to like yourself.” - Andy Black

You can do this. You’re unbreakable at heart. <3



Thank you.

Hey there,

I totally understand. Being a leader isn’t easy and it’s quite intimidating. It is easy to let our minds fill us with doubts like “will I be good enough?”, “what if I fail?”. I would encourage you to be gentle with yourself and know that all you can do is your best and know that you don’t HAVE to be a leader for fear of being a follower. The world needs people to support leaders. Both are necessary. Just because you support those who lead, doesn’t mean you are a blind follower or any less of a man for doing so. If you do want to become a leader, I would encourage you to rely on God and talk with him. Ask for guidance and opportunities for you to lead. He will guide you through it all. Whether a follower who supports or a leader, you are so valuable and important and God sees your heart and knows the gifts you have to bless others and glorify him. He knows what is in store for you! Your ideas and advice are part of the wonderful person God created you to be. I pray that God reveals to you the way he sees you so you can know how wonderful you are, just as God made you! You are so very valued and loved.

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

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Thank you.