I Am Always A Problem

Having this headache is messing with me. It’s been a whole 2 days having it. And I’m realizing again how useless I am. I’ve done nothing to help people. Why would they care about me if I don’t help with anything? I drag everyone down. I’m even wondering why I’m still alive.

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I just want to say people care because they are human . It may not show because maybe they are dealing with stuff that’s been bothering them or maybe something was just done to them and they are seriously hurting . As I am say maybe they just don’t need help (depending on the situation.) when they need help they may come to you . By the way you haven’t dragged me down . This community was created to lift people up to let them know they are not alone in their struggles . You are unique , you are amazing , you are you and you are human . By the way that’s a good question . You are alive because you were created with a purpose @Dominion . Your purpose is that you are human , you have breath in your lungs and you have a reason to be alive to be a future for the next generation of your family . You were made for a reason . You can do this, you can be strong . You are loved . I am sorry about you’re headache that sucks but hey , you are not useless . You are loved . You are precious .
Hold fast friend , you’re worth it

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The feeling of uselessness is such a terrible demon to burden. It’s a feeling that’s hard to escape from but you are not useless and you are not worthless. The people in your life care for you because you are so much more than you think of yourself. I highly advise, if possible, mediate for a short time and attempt to look at yourself from an outside point of view. Look at yourself how your friends or close family members see you and you’ll begin seeing yourself in a whole new light. Ever person has a light of their own. Their own individual way of lighting up the world. Some paint pictures, others take them, and others make them. Just remember, you’re not alone and you are so much more than you currently feel. Things will be okay and they will progress. If you continue to feel this way, don’t hesitate to continue reaching out.


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Thank you and I’m sorry.

No need to be sorry @Dominion your in a rough position ATM . And I’m here to help .
Hold fast you’re worth it !

One piece of advice someone gave to me when I was feeling like a burden a lot was a simple question… “Says who?”.
People care about you because they love you and want what’s best for you. You’ve got potential and you’re here for a reason.
There’s a reason for everything, that doesn’t mean the reasoning is easy.
You’ve made it this far, i’m proud of you. Let’s make it farther together.