I am blessed and I truly feel it for the first time in a very long time

I got to see one of my best friends play live tonight. I met him 2 years ago as of April and finally we saw each other face to face. A fellow twitch streamer, Tyler Levs. I’m a lucky dude to have so many amazing connections and friendships with people like him. I look forward to next time we see each other. As the 5th anniversary of my grandmothers passing approaches on the 23rd I have been trying to push it out of my mind. The last 24 hours have been filled with a lot of excitement and many doors opening for me. Meeting one my best friends in person and making many many more lasting friendships too. I look forward to what the future brings, which is something I’m not sure i’ve ever felt before. I hope one day that you see what I see and you feel the hope that I feel. It gets better, but sometimes it gets harder first. Shit happens, life isn’t this happy go lucky most of the time. Sometimes you need to take the 10 mile hike to get to the beauty on the other side.

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I’m so glad that you got to see him live! That’s so cool! And I’m glad that you had so much fun. It’s always nice to be able to connect to people we enjoy and care about.

Just this last week was the 7 year anniversary of my Grandfather so I am right there with you in trying to push it out of your mind.

Thanks for sharing. I look forward to seeing you around

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