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I Am Bothered By The Recent Mass Shootings

In the last week or so there have been three mass shootings, one in Gilroy, the other in El Paso and recently in Dayton and it seems that these massacres are becoming the norm and it bothers me because I feel that race based hatred is getting out of control. It makes me feel scared to even go to public places and even be around large crowds. I feel we are nearing the end of days and I feel now is the time to get right with God. But still I worry about innocent people being killed for no reason.

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There is actually a bunch to be done if you want to fight against that which you fear.
1. Go National
Write letters and making phone calls to your Congress & House Representatives about what you want them to do to make this better.
2. Go Municipal
Write letters and call you Governor, attend city council meetings and voice your concerns there.
3. Go Corporate
Tell the corporations that you are a customer of how you don’t feel safe shopping anymore or attending their events. They have more money for lobbying and making a change than most individuals anyway.

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I too, feel this way. It is completely disheartening, and things need to change. Use your voice and speak about what you believe in. Vote.

Hopefully things can change so innocent people don’t have to die.