I am called useless ☹

I stay with my younger sister and we are collage student. she calls me useless/worthless/stupid/unreliable/lazy/others almost every day.
I keep asking to myself what’s wrong I have done? I tried my best, I have done everything for good. try not to make mistakes and wanting to be a good sister and daughter.

I don't know what to do. my parents can't do anything, they always believe my sister even I tried to tell them but they don't listen. 

I have given up on this. I have to endure it . if it’s too much, I just cry quietly and bite myself. I don’t have anyone to talk to . sometimes, I feel like I don’t want to live any more.

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Hey @benyatoon,

Welcome here. :heart: And thank you for sharing all of this.

You said you don’t have anyone to talk to, well know that now you can count on the support of this community. :slight_smile: You’re not alone.

I’m sorry to hear about your relationship with your sister. It sounds that she’s very unfair and judging with you, at least for no obvious reasons at this moment. Was it always like this between you two, or her behavior changed with time?

How you feel makes sense though. No one feels great when they’re called such awful things. But you are not worthless or useless! You have worth and you matter, no matter what can be said to you. It’s a truth that goes beyond any cicrcumstance you may face in your life. So, hang on to that. :heart:

You know, relationships, even with family, are not always idyllic. But it doesn’t mean you have to give up on yourself. You said you tried to talk about it with your parents but they don’t seem to understand or listen to you. My question may be a bit silly: did you try to talk with your sister? Out of any argument/emotional reaction. Because her behavior is not because of who you are. It’s not your fault. She’s wrong to say that kind of thing to you. And I want to think that there may be a possibility to communicate between you too, so you can try to improve this situation. And if not, if it’s not successful despite your efforts, then maybe you’ll have to take a step back from what she says to you, at least mentally. Maybe she will keep saying that kind of thing, maybe you won’t be able to change this for the moment, but you are still in control in the way you react to this/the energy you accept to dedicate to her words. It’s not easy, but you can try to distinguish her words and how you allow them to impact you - or not. And it’s also why we’re all here. To give you some strengths by reminding you some truths despite this situation, which are:

You matter.
You have worth.
You are loved.
And you are beautiful as you are. :heart:

So hang in there, friend. You’ll be okay. And if you ever want to talk or vent, you are always free to do it here.