I Am disgusted with this person

I’m just shocked and appalled by the behavior of this cosplayer I have known for about seven years she is well known in the convention circuit for comic books and cosplay I have interacted with her a few times she knew me I knew her we would take pictures and I even gave her a few gifts when I made a new Facebook account about a year ago I tried adding her back she never responded so I decided to just follow her instead she liked a comment I made on a photo I don’t what it was so I decided to friend request her and send her a message like hello how are you its me from so and so and she blocked me I think it was very rude, disrespectful and just out of line like one thing you can choose to ignore someone but you don’t block them just because they say hi to you and she still owes me for pictures and autographs I paid for a while ago like she lost me as a fan and I unfollowed her and blocked her on my other social media accounts. I’m not hurt but I’m disgusted by her actions because its immature and low but at the same time she has proven to be nuts.


That definitely does sound frustrating! It sucks when people that you thought you could be friends with turn their back on you. I do want to say maybe they don’t recognize or remember you as they probably meet a lot of people all the time. And because they are a cosplayer they probably also get a lot of negative attention too! Im hoping its just that they forgot and mistook you as a creeper fan and that it really wasn’t done purposefully. I used to watch a streamer because their content seemed so wholesome and her and I had a lot in common but she would totally disregard me. So I stopped watching her content as well. So you are not alone! Not everyone will be real with you. So hold tight to the ones who are. Thats all I can say really. Hope it helps you feel better even just a little bit better!


I’m not a fan of her I was of her work she believes that just because someone likes her work they like her for some reason which is ludacris I just think she was being a bitch and I didn’t I’m more upset that she never sent me the stuff she was supposed to send me over the mail that I gave paid for.

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That is upsetting! What did you pay for? And how much did you pay? If you don’t mind me asking.

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I paid for some autographed pictures of her in different costumes she does nothing sexual or inappropriate I paid about $30 and I gave her my address she never bothered to get back with me.

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I ask because I’m a freelance artist, and I was thinking I could just draw the characters you never got pictures of. I would do it as a gift because you already lost $30.

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Hey Ranma

I think you have every right to feel what you are feeling. This does seem like a rude situation, and like they may be taking advantage of their fans. Which is definitely something you have every right to feel disgusted about. I personally would back charge the money if I didn’t receive what I paid for , but that’s just me. Hope you are having a good day today! - Thrice


That is very kind of you I appreciate it I really do would I inbox you the information.

From what I understand, the rules for the forum is no sharing personal contact info and Id hate for anyone to be band from HS. If you can, just put the characters names and any info you think would help me with design ideas on here and I will post the pictures in here as well when they are finished.

Ummmm sure I’ll let you know