I am doing better

Sure I didn’t have a relationship with my dad but on my birthday Sunday he offered to go somewhere and I did, Monday comes yesterday I got the job but I don’t work til tomorrow, but nothing will change because my friends that are believers haven’t really helped me but they do each other in circumstances but I don’t make mine known because I don’t want potty just hey help me figure a way out cause I’m tired of feeling alone that I’m worthless or even mean something to somebody. I’m not gonna be homeless or starve but I still feel the burden of living and I don’t want to suffer really anymore and it just started from feeling alone to loneliness. I wish people can except me but I can’t share the Gospel because I’m on drugs but I feel that people deserve a second chance to life so they don’t have to deal with hell and go past it, all we want is the little of a good life, but we suffer because of self, people, and not knowing what God is doing really but thanks for praying and what ever you guys do just I guess go to God I can’t I don’t know what he thinks of me I know what I think of me I’m still not the greatest but at least I don’t want to kills myself or have suicidal thoughts in my head, Sarcasm-sorry I didn’t get to the hospital I was fine and didn’t need to go, stupid society you need stuff to be ok? No you need to surround yourself with people who won’t use you not stuff for goodness sake

I’m so glad to hear that you’re doing better, Fishers. It’s exciting to hear that you’re not interested in killing yourself and that you feel you have hope, that you have faith, and that you’re working towards getting better and surrounding yourself with better people. It’s a journey, man, as you’re experiencing…there are no shortcuts to making our lives better, but there is a path we can walk that over time will improve it and mold it towards the life we dreamed we could live. I am proud that you are fighting to walk that path. Keep moving down it, man. Every new step, God reveals more beauty and clarity, and He’s with you every step of the way.

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