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I am exhausted physically and mentally


Today was such a hard day. Work has been crazy and lately I can’t handle the stress of it. It’s too much. It sucks because I finally have a boss that cares. I’m pushed myself more at this job than I ever have and have overcome a lot of anxiety. Unfortunately, it’s still too much. I applied for one job but am so overwhelmed where to apply next. I don’t feel like I’m good at anything. I’ve done hospitality for ten years and always quit because of management or not being able to handle it. I hate change more than anything. I’m completely doubting my abilities and selling myself short. I know I can’t stay at my job because it’s affecting my mental health. Proud of myself for not self harming today and continuing to fight even though I’m exshausted and just run down from life. Trying to stay strong and know that I’m doing my best and that hopefully an opportunity when come soon.



Keep fighting the good fight, be strong a courageous, eventually your effort will payoff.

I know it’s hard but believe in yourself.


@Fashionlover0191 - I completely understand the work stress BS. It’s hard to deal with when you don’t enjoy your work or don’t enjoy your boss/coworkers OR BOTH… I’ve been there. I’m so glad to hear you list out your accomplishments in this alongside acknowledgement of your limitations - overcoming any amount of anxiety is HUGE, and not self harming is a WIN for your day. I hear you that it’s hard right now, I’m proud of you for pushing through. Keep going, you got this.

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