I am feeling pressured

After I am done upgrading. My mom is forcing me to get a job and get my learners. Yes I am trying to enjoy my summer and get away all the stressed from school. But I AM not mentally prepared to find a job yet. Told me I’m not helping out the family…I am trying. I’m scared and anxious…



I understand what you are coming from. My mom was like that years ago about finding a job and getting a driver’s license. Parents wants us to be responsible adults. They love us. They don’t have everything figure out. They are learning about life like us. You can talk to your mom about you are not ready. When you feel comfortable finding a job, you can do so. I hope this helps, and thank you for sharing. God loves you.


From: frostbiters

I know it may seem like an immediate stress sink, but I definitely recommend listening to her about it! Take it from someone who fought it to the end, it will greatly benefit you in the future, I promise. We’re all here for you either way, stay strong!


Hey Jake - it’s OK to be scared and anxious about getting your learner’s permit and/or getting a job! Especially right now, with everything else going on, sometimes it’s all you can do to de-stress. And schools are starting up again soon as well. Can you talk to your mom about doing one thing at a time? Maybe get your learner’s permit, then your license, then a job next summer? I hope that some clear communication and being willing to compromise is enough to get the conversation going and ease some of your stress. <3

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