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I am feeling so worthless right now

Yesterday one of my classmates that is mad at me, said to me:" You only came here to disturb". Those words really hurt me, and maybe she is right and everyone will think the same even if when I ask them they say I am not bothering them. Now I feel awful and horrible and maybe I am a bother, I have think about it for a while but it really hurt when it is said from someone that you cared about. Today I have been feeling down and ashamed for what I have done in the past.
Sorry if I bother anyone with this, but this words have hurt me so much that I needed to tell somebody.

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From: kingadent1

All life has worth, all life has meaning. You are loved and appreciated, and you’ve shown tremendous courage by reaching out and opening up. I feel guilt and shame due to mistakes I’ve made in my past. I used to beat myself up for it for YEARS, but I’ve recently opened up about it to people I trust, and it’s made me feel so much better to get it all off my chest, and to take a self-inventory of what actually happened versus how I mixed facts with feelings in my guilt-ridden conscience.


From: coumil

I understand the feeling of being a burden or a bother to others. It is quite a horrible feeling and I am so sorry you are feeling that way. You are loved and cared for by many. If someone tells you that you aren’t a bother, but you are to them, that is on them. Not you. Try to find some support groups or talk to someone you can trust- parents, friends, what have you. You matter. <3


Hey Mais!

Youre loved. Im SO SO sorry that this was said to you. Just know, that youre not a bother

I hope what we say here helps in some way