I am high most of the time

I am high right now.

I am high most of the time.

I’d reather be high.


Why is that what is causing you to get high?

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From: twixremix

hey friend, welcome back to the forum! you’re skilled at haikus! i’m glad that marijuana can provide you with some relief from what has you wanting to rather be high than sober. if there’s anything you’d like to talk through, please know your heartsupport community is here to be your shoulder to lean on whenever you need. sending you the best of wishes for this 2022 ahead! love, twix


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hi Friend, thank you for posting, im wondering how you are actually feeling right now and if you would like to share a bit more of your story with us? Are you high to escape something in your life that could possibly be fixed a different way? Feel free to open up if you wish, we are here for you anytime friend. I hope you are doing ok. Much Love Lisa. x


Hey there @IOnlyFeelEmpty

Totally understand the temptation and pull of getting high. I used to be in a similar space (a good decade or more ago when I was having tough times) and chasing a high to feel good. But the underlying issues in my life were not getting better.

Of course I know your post was not very long so I don’t want to read into things too much, but I know for me I am now happiest with myself and my life when I am sober and in control of things in my own life. I’ve found that substances can be a helpful tool in the right context(pain relief for chronic pain) but abusing them doesn’t help me long term.

If you are up for discussion we are all here for you, if not that’s ok too. I know it can be difficult in this life but knowing that you have folks that you can talk to can be so helpful.

Hoping you are well on this day <3/Mish


From: listening2day

Could I suggest maybe using that creative energy your note displays to seek new paths. Your message is so artful, yet at the same time delivering your message.


From: eloquentpetrichor

Thank you for coming back, friend! That’s a very creative post you’ve shared with us. I wish you all the best. I hope you find peace in yourself :hrtlegolove:


i am not sure what you mean

How could we support and encourage you the best, @IOnlyFeelEmpty? :hrtlegolove:

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Hi IOnlyFeelEmpty
I am sorry you are feeling so low that you want to be high all the time. What do you think is causing you to feel like this? Are you truly feeling better while high?

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