I am just so tired

i’m in the car on the way to magic mountain with my dad.
i’m just fu king tired. everything is fine. literally everything is fine. i’m just fucking tired.
i’m so tired !
i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. i’m only 17 and
i’m crying right now for no reason!
we’re listening to destiny’s child and i’m just crying. i cant do it bro i’m just tired. i’m literally just Tired.
i’m so TIRED. of being me, of everything. i don’t know what’s wrong.
i’m tired. i’m so exhausted.
it’s only in my mind
i just don’t want to worry people. i’m so tired !


Your feelings are valid, and I believe you when you say it’s hard and exhausting.

This, my friend, is true. But it can get better. It might not be overnight, but there can be moments of happiness and joy that make the effort worth it.

You’re important and you matter, and you have something to offer to the world.

Did the music trigger something? Or has this feeling been building for a while now ?

Have you spoken to anyone about these feelings? Being so tired and exhausted all the time can make it harder to see alternatives sometimes, so let us see if we can work through it together.

We’re here for you, we’re listening. You matter to us and we’re glad you’re here.

Remember all the affirmations we shared with each other?

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yes thank u so so much

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i just get stuck in my own world and forget i exist and get wrapped up with hypotheticals and it’s very overwhelming. but I MATTER! and i’m HERE!!


the land of “what ifs” is how I think about it. It’s like a growing island, once you step on it, it’s hard to get off and it makes it harder to escape. But taking a break and rethinking things can help. And of course having someone on the outside to talk to (that’s us!!) helps build a bridge off the island.

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yes!!! very much like a bridge:)

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