I AM Livid

Everything has been going okay until I get a 3 day notice from my landlord to cure or quit. My neighbors have been very difficult because they are infesting the building with cats and there are fleas, ticks and other health hazards, my mother who’s 82 years old complained to the landlord about the cats they did nothing my mom told the neighbors have about the cats they did nothing. My mom decides to clean the steps with peroxide and one of the asshole neighbors yells at her to stop spraying the stairs and my mom gets very frustrated because they have no empathy for anyone. the day before yesterday I receive the notice on my door and I was livid I was angry we don’t bother the landlord or anyone here we have been living here for 11 years and we follow the rules and we ask nicely to resolve the issue of the cats and we get this. Luckly I’m friends with a politician and he helped us out the other day and we spoke to the landlord to resolve the issue but still it was disgusting what she did to us.


Hi @ranma1983
I am sorry this has happened to you and I am not at all surprised that you feel angry about it, you and your Mum were treated very unfairly and that is not right. I am pleased that you had the friend who could step in and help to come to a resolution.
Its unfortunate that your neighbours don’t see beyond their own needs because that makes living in harmony very hard. Maybe your friend could assist you further if you have any other problems with them or contact a Citizens Advice Centre to find out where you stand with regards to your rights.
I do hope however that things settle down and you can get back to living in some peace and harmony without all this stress.
Good Luck Friend.
Much Love
Lisa :heart:


Thank You very much Lisa, we sent the letter to the Landlord and hopefully it doesn’t go further then that my mom and I don’t need the added stress but I cannot believe our neighbors did this to us especially when we helped them not get evicted themselves a few years ago and we get repaid like this? Its beyond me but I realize that people today have gotten, selfish, egocentric and entitled its the lack of God in people’s lives. We’ve have done nothing and i mean absolutely to these people. but I appreciate your kind words.


Yes lets hope that’s an end to it now and some peace is restored. Its hard living in rented accomodation, I have for 30 years so I do understand the restrictions but thankfully slowly I belive times are changing and tennants are being looked after a little more by the legal system. Its not a route anyone wants to go down though. You are right some people do feel entitled and act selfishly and I find that sad because people who behave like that will struggle to find real happiness. However you don’t therefore you won’t which is great thing.
I wish you and your Mum all the very best.
Much Love



Did your situation got better?

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Yes it did a friend of mine who is a politician helped me


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