I am lost in an impossible love

ugh man this sucks. i met a guy over the summer, but we live on separate sides of the globe. when i met him, i immediately fell in love with him. like the real love at first sight stuff. i loved him. i was in love with him. i think i still am. for some reason i cant let myself be with him. it hurts too much. it hurts so bad because i know im never going to see him again, and i know that theres no reason to even try to keep talking to him or keep being in love with him. ive tried to convince myself i dont love him and tried to stop going back to him but my heart wont let me. i cant stop loving him. he doesnt know how i feel. i dont know how he feels. i dont know if i should tell him how i feel. im so confused and scared. im in love with him, but i know he could never love me. what should i do??


You should try to talk to him and let him know how you feel. That happened to me last year and I took a step forward and we ended up having a long distance relationship…
I ended up braking with her because my mental problems never let me be happy.


Personally, I think the connection with another person is worth exploring, even if it’s over a long distance. I do have to say though, the only thing I can heavily stress is that your feelings are going to eat away at you constantly until you do something about it, so even if it’s extremely difficult, if you want to move on from your feelings then you need to talk to him about it. It may be that he doesn’t feel the same way, of course that’s a possibility you’ve considered, and I know from experience that its probably burning a hole in your stomach any time to you even think about it. The problem is that it will continue to do so until you confront it. I think you’ll find that after you talk to him about it, you’ll feel much better afterward regardless of what the outcome ends up being.

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