I Am Scared About Future

I worry about my future every single day and where I will be 10 years from now. My mother is getting older and my father is out of my life and everyone in my family is married with children and great grandchildren and I am still alone and single and it scares me. I am afraid to date or even be around women because past relationships that haven’t worked and the last relationship that ended in disaster and with another that almost brought me my death. I feel nobody will love me for me I feel people will love me by what I can offer them financially or what favors they can get from me and its one of the reasons why I don’t even want to make friends because of trust issues and people screwing me over in the past, especially people I knew for many years and they are gone. I have been a good friend and a good person I am not perfect but I have tried to love a moral and Godly, loving and caring for people, putting others before myself and not trying to be selfish or conceited but I feel no matter what I do good or bad I am not enough for anyone unless I can give them something. I cry and it hurts me very much inside that is why I have given up on women and making friends because I will be disappointed in the end.


You Are Good Person.
You Care About Others.

So I Hope You Find Some Comfort In This My Friend.
Thank You For Sharing Your Thoughts.

You Can Find That Person Who Values And Treasures The Same Things As You Do In Life.
And They Can Find You.

Like Attracts Like.
The Law Of Attraction.

As Long As You Keep Putting Forth Your Best Efforts Into Being The Best You That You Can Imagine, Everyday That You’re Alive,
It Raises The Odds Of You Meeting That Person.

And That Person Is Probably Searching For Someone Just Like You.

Life Will Provide You With A Companion That Will Bring You Balance.
And Balance To Their Own Life As Well.
Because They Will Value The Same Things That You Do.
Like Attracts Like.
So If You Want A Person Who Values The Same Things As You Do, I Would Say…Embody Those Values With Your Best Efforts.
Every Second Of Every Day.
And It Might Just Increase Your Chances Of Finding Them.
And Them Finding You.


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you got a huge heart​:heart::heart:

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Hey @ranma1983, I get you. I’m scared about my future too. Don’t let past experiences change your nature of being a good selfless person. I know what it feels like to be so lonely. Have you tried online apps and websites?
You are enough. True friends are out there, your paths just haven’t crossed yet. I know it’s hard, and you really want a friend. But never, never let yourself get used for money or anything else. When next you meet someone, and you think of them as a possible friend, go slow. Make sure they give in return. You know someone cares when they go out of their way to make you feel better without asking for anything in return. When they do things, hard things not just buying you chocolate or something, for you without benefits except friendship. When they’re willing to open their minds and listen. Just go slow, kay?
You’ll be okay. Don’t close yourself and put up walls completely–I understand why you would, trust me–because you’re still then letting those people screw you over. There’s good people out there.
I believe in you. You’re a survivor, don’t ever forget that. :slight_smile:


God Bless and thank you for your words of encouragement

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Hey Friend,

i know so good how you feel! i’m the most time of my life single. When i was younger, i never get in conact with girl, only as a “good friend”. I never learned how to flirt or something, and …i began to think that no one can love me.

And i never had realy good friends.

But i tried to change someting, i began with sport, to feel better, to feel better with myself. I stopped “searching” friends, and try the best with my life. Make things, which makes me happy.

Its so easy to say, i know… if you’re happy, if you “shine”, others will see you.
I work for this every day. It’s a never ending fight!

maybe you can find something to shine again? a hobby, music, sport…?

You’re not alone!


I’m keeping busy with more productive things like writing, reading and exercise. I also keep away from women for legal reasons.