I am scared to go to class in september

Hi there ! I hope that you are doing great :hugs:

Lately I have been feel better and I feel more happier but I dont know why, sometimes I think about that in a month I will start to going to university again, and I know that this situation can change and that there can be a possibility were all my subject will have to go to online( There is a part of me that dont want to that to happen; because that means, that the situation have gotten worse)

But there is a part of me, that hopes that all the class are made by online because I dont want to go there and see someone face to face.

I know that this maybe sound childish and that time have passed since I talked to that someone and I know that, that person maybe doesnt remember me or that she isnt worried that maybe we will see each others.

But I feel nervous and scared sometimes thinking about that, I dont know how I will feel if that happen and that scare me.

I think that I become a better person and that I am starting to be more mature, but I dont know if that would be enough when I get there.

Have a good day :raised_hands: And thanks for reading :raised_hands:


Hi! I’m in a similar situation. I have a history of social anxiety so I had a setback in spring due to online classes. Now when it’s time to go back there in person, it is terrifying! Also I don’t have a place to sit, he only thing giving me a sense of comfort… Can you go early on the first day and take a seat that would be to your liking? Or text a friend you like and ask to be sitting next to them?


Hi! Thanks for reading and for answering !

I don´t think that in the first day I will go earlier to choose my place because I will have the feeling that people are going to start to come over and I would be more nervous, so I prefer to go on time and not sooner and for the second suggestion you made, I have someone that I consider him almost a friend, but I don´t want to force him to be with me.

I dont know what I am going to do when that day comes, but I think that for the moment the best thing that I can do, is to live the present.

And again thanks for answering :blush:

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While I’m not in school anymore or have to deal with going back to class, I can only imagine how it feels to deal with this stressful perspective, especially this year.

You’re not childish @Maisnow. How you feel makes sense.

I’m thinking of you. Rooting for you. Hoping that going back to school will go as smooth as possible to you. And in the meantime, I hope you’ll allow yourself to enjoy the summer as you can. Just because you still have time before September. :wink: :heart:

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@Micro Thanks a lot :hugs: your words means a lot :hugs:

Have a good day :hugs:

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