I am so sick of being alive

(NOTICE= i am not good at English BTW please forgive me because of my grammar mistake)
hi,my name is hoormazd rezaie im 15 YO and im from iran,center of middle east
ive been try to kill my self 5 time,i cant really handle this,my father is 60 years old, he is worst father of all time , he just talk about islam,hijab,sexism,racism like rest of our society my mother,she have paranoia,i think,their always fight like 5 hours in day,i hate middle eastern culture, i hate every religions,i dont wanna be alive,my last try was 15 days ago,we gonna going to canada for living in this summer,this is my last hope,i have zero friend,i dont have any type of social media,i dont know what to do,please help me


Hi friend,

No worries, English is not my native language either and I make mistakes all the time. :wink: Your message is perfectly understandable.

This is a really dificult situation. Really tough. You’re living in an environment that is affecting you and as you’re young you don’t chose where you live/who you live with yet. I understand how you feel on this matter. Having a parent struggling with their mental health, being in the middle of constat arguments, feeling bad about yourself and alone because of the environment you’re living in… I’ve been there. I felt stuck too and helpless when I was your age. Well I’m not from the same country as you, my family situation was different, but how you’re feeling right now goes beyond this and there are people here in this community who can relate to what you just shared.

You’ve been through a lot already at such a young age and I am deeply sorry for this. As much as I am grateful to you for being alive right now. You have breath in your lungs right now and there is hope for you friend. And I’m glad really to hear about this project of moving to Canada, as it sounds to be something you are waiting for, something that could be a positive change in your life. That sounds to be an amazing project and something you are waiting for. Hold on to that, okay? There are brighter days ahead for you. But you won’t be able to see it if you’re not here anymore. This world, this life, needs you.

You said you are alone, so know that you are among friends here.You don’t need any social media to have ties with people and build new friendships. Fortunately we live in a time when we can connect to each other in many different ways, while living in different parts of the world. Thank you for being here. :heart:

You are not alone. :heart:

Also: for your information I deleted the reply you sent on an other thread. Know that it’s not against you. I hear your frustration, especially on the subject of religion. But I want to encourage you to keep your posts/replies respectful, as much as possible. Thank you. :heart:

thank you,i mean really thank you,in iran we dont have community for situation like this,and im so glad,because i can help people with situation like this and i think they can help me too
thank you so much for all this kind

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You are very welcome. And you are absolutely right: through the obstacles, we can still help each other. :heart:

Feel free to join our Discord as well: https://discord.gg/2ZDXz5 !

Take care. Never hesitate to reach out when you need it. :heart: