I Am The Reason My Parents Got Divorced

It has been brutal ever since my mom and dad got divorced. Yes I understand that they won’t be getting back together but for me I feel it is completely my fault. I have felt this way ever since I heard the news and it will never go away. I do my best not to show my feelings but I can’t help feel alone and depressed and sad all the time. I try my very best to keep everything in check while with my girlfriend or at work. I still feel that I am the reason why. I truly dislike myself for this and I can’t take it anymore.

Thanks for reaching out it must have been hard.
This can be a super tough feeling to deal with. I’ve been there. It hurts when our parents split and the emotions you feel are totally normal. But I promise you it isn’t your fault. So often the kids think they are to blame but that isn’t the case. I wish I had a solution but the pain does get less with time as you adjust to the new normal. Maybe try telling your parents you feel this way? They might be able to explain why this is happening and put your concerns at ease. It also might be a good idea to tell your girlfriend you’re feeling sad, sometimes just talking about our feelings can help so much.

I’m so sorry to hear that your parents got divorced. I know when my parents separated I felt devastated. I thought the two people I looked up to the most had failed and I was a part of it. It messed me up a bit and had me question a lot of things. But the more I questioned it and the more I dug into what had happened I started to see things a bit clearer. At the end of the day both of my parents loved me but they didn’t love each other. They just weren’t happy together. Thats not my fault, its just how they feel. They started seeing other people and before I new it my family had grown twice as big. At first I was scared but then I ended up very happy. I got new and loving people in my life that brought me a lot of joy and to top it off my parents were happier.

So I guess what I am try to say is. It may seem pretty hard and messy now. But its not your fault that they feel this way. They are going through emotions and dealing with what is inside of them the best they can. There is a light at the end of this once the dust settles and things start to piece together. I just stayed strong and always reminded myself that I was loved and that good will come of this. It helped me a lot and it also helped me grow as a human.

I hope my story may shed some light on what you are feeling. Time does heal all things and you are never alone. Always remember that. Stay strong!