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I am the worst

I am a very insecure person and I overthink a lot and because of that, last year I have been sad, I have lost almost all the friends because of my insecurities, I dont think I deserve to have friends. I have tried to change and be better and to dont make the same mistakes but I still making the same mistakes and it make me so sad. Those mistakes I have done have hurt people and I hate myself everyday for that. And I think that people will be better without me and if I dont speak anymore.

Sorry for my english and for bothering anyone.


Hey maisnow, I know how you feel. I was feeling the same way recently. I lost a friend because of how I thought I’m poison to others because I kept on talking to them about nothing else but my problems. And she got tired of it. But I recently reached out for a friend that could help me out and she helped me. I thought I bother people too but that one friend, that one friend helped me get through. I hope this helps you.


Thanks for reading and for answering :hugs: And I am so glad that you could get through :raised_hands:. It would be great if I could have a friend that help me too, but I dont want to lose anyone more so I have to get through alone :raised_hands: Really thanks.

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Hi @Maisnow,

You don’t bother anyone. This is a place where you can share everything you want and there will always be people around to show you some support or share about similar experiences. :wink:

Of course you deserve to have friends. You deserve to see that you are loved and cared for. No matter what mistakes you’ve done, we’re just all human beings and sometimes we don’t behave the way we’d like to. Mistakes happen, we all do some, and it’s important to learn from them. The very fact that you try to improve yourself and not to repeat the same thing shows how much you care about others and are willing to do the right thing.

You are not “the worst”. You are human. And we’re full of imperfections. Learning to forgive yourself and not repeat the same mistakes will help you to grow. And you know, when we have a lot of insecurities, it can be easier to actually make some mistakes because we’re divided between mixed feelings. If that’s something you could consider, I can only encourage you to seek some professional help. Therapy can be really helpful when it’s about working on your own insecurities. Also, know that you’ll always be free to share about anything here and you won’t ever be judged for that.

You have friends right here in this community to support you and help you to go through this. You are not alone. :slight_smile:

Hold fast. :heart:

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Really thanks for reading and for answering :hugs: You have make my day to be better, this day I have feel alone in class and that people dont like me because of my personality or mistakes. I dont know if after a year I can change people view of me for the better and ever if it is difficult I will try to be my best version and be positive even if I feel alone right now :hugs:. Thanks a lot I really need those words.

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