I am tired of being taken advantage of - Post #1

Just recently a couple buddy s of mine, (one a female and the other a male (both 15)) informed me that they were having a baby together. I took this serious and believed them and was more concerned for the female friend because when that happens to people at that age, it will damage them and really mess up their lives. They asked me what to do and i told them that they are really gonna have to plan this out because this really serious. They told me that their parents were going to buy them an apartment for them to live in by themselves and that they would have to pay for everything for the kid by themselves. the male friend was saying that he always carries a and shoots the guns inside of the house with the female friends dad. they were talking about getting drunk and doing all of these sexual activities together and it was really making me mad because this is not a topic to joke about. I left the group chat because I could not deal with them wanting me to help and them not taking me serious and taking the topic seriously. A few days later i had to leave the community that they were in because it felt corrupt and they were all acting like jerks. Then a day after that i get a message from a friend saying that he was sorry and i accepted his apology and i came back to the community. That same friend has ignored me and always lies to me and for some reason i felt bad for my outbreak in his community. Then a week later he asked me if he could borrow some money because somthing was on sale and he really needed it. so i gave him all the money that i had and he said that he would pay me back but he still has not. Alot of people over my time have taken advbantage of me and i guess that I do not really notice it until it really smacks me in the face and is screws me over and this is one of this situations because the female friend i mentioned in the begining just messaged me saying that she is no longer in love with the male friend. She also informed me that she is not really pregnant with the male friends kid, that it was a prank! She told me that she was sorry and she needed help on what to decide one how she should handle the situation on decideing who to choose. i told her that i do not want to get involved because the person she likes is a person i dont like. Just the other night i had a dream of where everyone who took advantage of me surrounded me and was trying to make me feel bad. in that same dream when everyone left me when i was crying i had a razor with me and i felt the urge to cut my right wrist. when i did it i got this satisfying tingling sensation and it felt so good. I have never had the urge to do it before. I just dont know what to do with my life because the way that this world is and how corrupt society is, just makes it feel worth not living. I just want to be free from all the stress and all the people who want to screw me over in life.

Don’t worry it’s all gonna be ok. What you need to do is not worry about all of those people. Worry about you. You need to worry about yourself and do things that make you happy. Personally, if I were you, if any of those ‘friends’ try and make any form of contact, ignore them, it seems like they’ve done enough damage to you.
As I said earlier worry about yourself for now, and chill out! Feel free and be happy for the things that you have right now.
I hope this helped and if it didn’t you can still talk to me about things :heart:

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Hey there Moonlight! Thank you for your response. I understand that I need to try to worry about myself and I am going to be trying to do that. But the main thing that makes me mad at them is the fact that they took advantage of my personal emotions for their joy. I mean its kinda messed up when you think about it. I am going to take your advice and try to refrain from having any contact with them because I dont think that I need ‘friends’ like them. It is just very hard to avoid people like them, especially on the internet.

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Ok good luck! And remember, try and be happy and just be careful around the hose types of people in the future