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I am too good for my own good update

Update on what I posted: I’m taking her home tonight. She’s been fine all day and I’m at my whits end. I confronted her about her phone usage and said it was my fault. She said that I just have a faster reaction time when disciplining her kid. She then said that she may have a slower reaction time because she has two kids.

I met her husband half way and told him that she was fine. I also said that if he has Sunday’s off that he doesn’t need me to baby sit his wife and child. Since dropping them off, I feel so much better. My stress levels have gone down, I don’t feel angry.

Thank you all for reading. Just remember, you all are important. You all matter and you all deserve to be happy.


Hey there Inuko!

I just read your part one of the post, and it sounds like a complicated situation to be in. I’m sorry it’s been such one sided kindness. To some extent, that is the struggle of a Christian (I’m also one, so I hear ya).

I’m glad to hear that you feel better after dropping them off. I hope that you are able to set up safe boundaries and relax for a bit now. Don’t forget also that it’s not your fault for how other people react towards your kindness. Some people abuse other people being nice to them, and that’s part of the twisted world we live in. It doesn’t reflect who you are or make you any less worthy of love and support.

You are loved and appreciated! Keep on keeping on :hrtlegolove:


Hey @Inuko,

Well done for setting boundaries that seemes very needed at this point. You’ve been incredibly helpful and caring for your friend, but there is a time whe she will also need to do things on her own, just because it’s her life and she needs to learn too. Sometimes, stronger boundaries are needed. That doesn’t mean we don’t love the person or don’t care for them. It’s actually an act of care but to acknowledge that some limits were crossed, and a situation can keep going on as it is, for the sake and peace of everyone.

I hope this will help your friend to realize that things might change in the future in the way she adresses her own issues. In any case, thank you for caring the way you do. I hope you can use this time for you now, and cultivate as much peace as possible in your life. :hrtlegolove:

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