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I am violently addicted to alcohol and drugs

I CANT GET SOBEERRRRRRRRRRRRR I know I have tooooo… I am gonna die if i don’t. but I don’t know if I even want too… someone , save me

Im no expert but what state are you in? I may know of some resources to help out

Dude i know your pain. I’m not even 21 yet and I’ve found myself drinking almost every night from stress and pain in life. I’m not here to judge you at all and anyone who does needs to fuck off. Your not alone. It’s difficult but you’ve taken a huge step and I’m proud of you for it. You’ve asked for help. My best advice and what I’m personally doing is you need to find a friend. One you can trust with anything. Let them into your life and just let them help you. When you feel like drinking instead talk through your pain with them. Explain how you feel. Maybe go to a counselor and let them help. It might be hard at first but you won’t regret it. Your life is worth living and no one, not even you should think otherwise. You can do it. I believe in you

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